Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

A better than expected number on employment of 236,000 helped boost the stock market upwards. The improving job sitaution will continue to keep a push in the market next few months. All major indexes including SPX , RUT and DOW finished ahead. SPX is now with 25 points of the 2007 highs as discussed in […]

The earnings have been the driver for this month. The earning season is almost over with few names still left to report. Once the earnings are winded down the attention will shift to the fundamentals and the economy. A bad GDP report with the US economy shrinking for the first time in 3.5 years has […]

3 Horrible job reports in a row, nothing less. Trifecta of horrible jobs reports have hit this second quarter. According to labor department 80,000 new jobs were added in the month of June , making it a most dismal quarter this year 2012. The economy is also lurching and grinding with poor numbers all around. […]

After a long and brutal Summer, its about time to get back at the Golden goose and make it lay some eggs. The Golden Goose almost got slaughtered in July and August, but never harmed. It always manages to operate its way out of it under some pretext and alibi. Well that is true. Fall […]

All of us saw the bruising debt crisis debate? All of us saw the eventual US credit downgrade? Specifically what you feel it did to the thought process of consumers and employers? It spooked them. In a fragile monetary economic climate any such detrimental stimulus towards the senses does a single issue only: It freezes […]

The market is zooming up 200 points on Dow and SPX 22 points as of this writing on 03/03/11. We are back in the groove. If you watched my market video last night I mentioned it that if we snap back we will be back in the rising channel and that is what has happened […]

Horrible numbers are hitting the market this morning, yet the stock market is up 200 points with major indexes posting 2% gains all around. Just one day after the Financial reform Bill is signed into the law of the land. Existing home sales dropped 5.1% tanking the real estate recovery,and the Labor department showed initial […]