Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

After grinding higher day after day which seemed like eternity, the SPX finally broke down and closed just above the 21 day moving average. This  rally has been six weeks old since the start of 2013 and there has been  no rest in between. This was not an unexpected move. You probably knew it would […]

  Since the start of New Year stocks have been barreling to the upside killing bears and short sellers alike in a hurry. The shorts have disappeared completely. The earning season is also reaping rewards. Most S&P 500 companies have hit high marks this month and continue to dazzle institutional buyers. AAPL, NFLX and others […]

The stock market seems to swoosh past many investors these day as it clears the resistance of 200 day moving averages. Now investors are chasing the bus literally. It has gone past them quickly. Last year was no picnic in the park , but this year is turning out to be much fair to the […]

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Stock market crashes happen in October and its happening again. This not not a correction or a sell off this is full fledged stock market crash. The losses for the year 2008 stand around 8.3 trillion dollars of stock market cap wiped off of our national wealth. Dow and the stock market opened down 700 […]