Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

traders? lite know how to achieve superior business results, is s? at a power position? n in the market, when the odds est? n strongly in his favor. An important factor to consider in the selection process? N is an exchange? Analysis of industry group. Check the spec industry group? Chart of the population? N […]

The best traders and investors have different opinions in relation? N with the strategy of buy and hold. B? Basically, this strategy sets out that once you buy an action? N est? search, carried out during the years or even d? decades, no matter what?. The belief is that staying fully invested all the time […]

All the best traders and investors have a m? All they give? an advantage. Having an edge means that the odds, or probabilities est? N in their favor every time a trade is initiated. The m? All implemented depends on the philosophy? To individual traders. T can be based? Technique, based mainly, or a combination? […]

Top traders and investors know the most? To the money will be made? following the main trend. Entering and exiting the market trying to scalp is not usually a good idea. Money is playing the long swing. The key is to stay with his trade to win, to get an indication? No clear trend has […]

Trust is a character? Acoustic of the best traders and investors seem to have in abundance. They fully believe in their ability to achieve superior business results in the long term. The reason? N of this centers around trust with your doctor all of negotiation, use, and ability to apply psychology? A suitable trade. The […]

One of the main reasons why the best traders achieve best results, because they have a negotiation plan? N. A negotiation plan? N requires m? All, along with a money management system, the entry and exit rules. A negotiation plan? N also? N should give you an advantage, in other words, put the odds in […]

I’ll be writing a series of art? Ass, entitled “The wisdom? A Stock Market-Learning for trade and legends.” Each p? Paragraph will contain? a different theme? general scope of the stock market. The idea is to make each p? Paragraph a learning experience, which better? of Education? No readers of trade in general, and in? […]

I thought I would conclude this series of learning with wisdom? To the stock market operator m? S greatest of all time, Jesse Livermore. I have it? Do, “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”, many times. Much of the excellent trading skills that I will share with you, this book is cl? Physical. What it is […]

Truly great traders and investors have developed a successful business mind-set. This allows them to observe, continuation, use, interpret correctly the individual actions, and the address? N also overall market? N. Most? To often, normal human nature does not work well trade in different markets. A normal thinking mind is not a good fit with […]