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Technical Analysis for Daytrading of Forex & Futures

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This book serves as a basic beginner’s guide to the Forex and Futures financial world. It is intended for readers with very limited knowledge of both markets. Language of this book is intentionally simple and easy to understand even for people who are being intimidated by complicated financial terms. The author based contents on her own experience dealing with clients while working as a series 3 broker. This 140-page book is a well-crafted attempt to answer many com… More >>

Technical Analysis for Daytrading of Forex & Futures

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3 Responses to “Technical Analysis for Daytrading of Forex & Futures”
  1. L. Richards says:

    I’m a student of the Forex markets and have slowly educated myself by reading many well written and informative books (over 123 at last count)by authors that have made a serious effort to explain the concepts and techniques under discussion. In addition, I have successfully traded the markets for the last two years. This “book” appalls me in that it is poorly written, overly simplistic, inaccurate at times and ignores many basic concepts so vital to traders.

    The “book” reads as if the author’s literary effort was limited to assembling chunks of other poorly written books, dealer guides and handouts and then sweetening it all up with a few revealing photos of the author or a hired model (a cynical effort to attract the male element of the market??).

    One basic improvement to the book would be to change its title to “Beginers Guide to Some Important Basic Concepts in Forex & Futures Trading”. Another improvement would be to carefully review the text to eliminate or correct incorrect statements. For example, on page 8 of the text the author proclaims that “Forex is a market that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”. Hmm….I like to see who is trading on a Saturday in the USA when the European, US and Asian markets are closed. Another improvement would be to explain to the would be trader the importance of slippage and how successfully trading a brokers demo account does not mean that you will automatically be able to successfully trade a real world funded account. A mention at least that brokers often quote different spreads for the same currency pair and keeping this spread to a minimum is very important in obtaining a profit. Another very important improvement would be to explain the importance of developing a trading methodology that you understand and are comfortable with. Sigh….I could go on and on but I think I have made my point here.

    My suspicion is that the author assembled the text over a slow weekend with the aim of cynically taking part in the strong demand for educational data on the Forex markets. There are many, many far better sources for technical analysis, day trading and the forex markets. For example, “The Compleat Day Trader” (Bernstein), “The FX Bootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex training” (McDonell) and “Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets” (Murphy).

    Don’t waste your time and money on this “book”.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Tony Verda says:

    I’ve been always intrigued by making money through trading but I’ve been procrastinating to take any action till I came across this book. I have no formal financial background and have to admit that this book is exactly what it says it is – an easy to understand guide to forex and futures trading that even a beginner as me can understand without being intimidated. I feel comfortable reading it and feel that this would be my stepping stone to this market. Thanks!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Noble Williams says:

    After reading previous reviews I decided to take my chances and buy this book since in its description is clearly stated that it is for beginners like me. The table of contents was quite logical to follow and a convenient reference to refresh points I needed to get back while progressing with my reading.

    As I’ve stated, I’m a beginner and cannot comment on a technical jargon but from my perspective I feel like getting really competent overview about this kind of financial trading. Since I’m very comfortable with any statistical methodology, I was specifically interested in the technical analysis part of this book and found it quite conclusive.

    I have to admit that I also didn’t mind that the author included some of her pictures and I don’t quite understand why one of the book’s reviewers L. Richards accused her of using cheap marketing tricks suggesting that she hired a model to attract male audience. That’s actually a cheap accusation. I googled Georgia Anderson and the pictures are real! I’m actually siding with the other reviewer who is looking at the book based on the book description for beginners.

    I can honestly say that after reading this book I feel that I made the first important step to enter forex and futures markets and I recommend it for all beginners like me. Thumbs up!

    Rating: 5 / 5

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