Friday, July 21st, 2017

Technical Analysis Head and Shoulder Looms Plus a Buddhist Lesson

This is a special edition of my technical analysis because I also have included an important lesson for traders on staying objective and open to ideas. I also pay homage to an excellent service called Perfect Stock Alert, they have a YouTube channel and website. The links are below. I highly recommend them. Perfect Stock Alert website and Youtube http Join my Investor newsletter, it’s FREE Become a Subscriber, Trade Alerts Coaching


23 Responses to “Technical Analysis Head and Shoulder Looms Plus a Buddhist Lesson”
  1. Eaglessharp says:

    Keep Flying high in the spirit. May we all become free

  2. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @mkucstars1 Every Buddhist knows that it’s the clinking that leads to suffering

  3. mkucstars1 says:

    Since nobody else asked, I will… what is the really good buddist lesson?

  4. DayWaiter says:

    Just found your videos, seems to be a good honest view of the markets

  5. bohemianh says:

    Nice to have u back in real world. 40 million on food stamps low home sales declinces in inventory orders for

  6. johnmilan says:

    did you buy calls on june 8th?

  7. goldwing25 says:

    You’re an honest man

  8. rockerme4u says:

    @TheAppleInvestor Your Shout Out: PSAadmin
    Perfect Stock Alerts.
    Honesty pays for all. That’s why I will listen to you also.
    We all can learn together. We can beat Goldman Shafts.

  9. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @rockerme4u Thank you. Who’s the other? I’ll check them out too.

  10. rockerme4u says:

    Just joined on your invite. Now I have two reliable and honest views to watch
    on the markets. Good people are hard to find these days. Honesty should be
    everyone’s best practice. Great Job. Keep up the great work.

  11. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @PSAadmin Thank you. I promise to do my best.

  12. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @lextalionis2001 Thank you for the kind words.

  13. lextalionis2001 says:

    mea culpa, the act of the honest man. The man who can admit his mistakes is someone worth listening to. Like the vids, keep posting ernie

  14. PSAadmin says:

    I just ran across this video, I’m both honored and impressed. As I have mentioned and commented in the past I like your videos and trust your analysis from what I have seen, I will trust your analysis more now than ever as you have proven yourself capable of spotting both the right calls as well as the wrong calls before they get away from you. Well done – keep it up!

  15. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @bruno188home Thank you for your support!

  16. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @victorm41 Is it that obvious, I thought I sounded pretty natural. My main goal is to say everything I want to say as succinctly as possible. Hopefully I achieved that. I think acting lessons would be fun, maybe I’ll look into that. Thanks for your advice!

  17. bruno188home says:

    takes charter to recolonise own mistakes, thanks for help understanding the markets.

  18. victorm41 says:

    It would sounds better if you did not read it … or take some acting course..

  19. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @cosmosgato No doubt. But right here it’s not a foregone conclusion the 1040 will hold. If you play options you can tailor your position around both scenarios.

  20. cosmosgato says:

    On the bright side the down turns are when you can add to your “investment” portfolio.

  21. kardentyrell says:

    @TheAppleInvestor Well I was more referring to the dialogue between you and PSA.

  22. TheAppleInvestor says:

    @kardentyrell I subscribe to Darwin. There’s no concept of god or creationism or divine power in Buddhism.

  23. kardentyrell says:

    Somehow this video reminded me of evolutionist and creationists debates, with people like Richard Dawkins in the mix ;P

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