Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Technical Resistance Ahead

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18 Responses to “Technical Resistance Ahead”
  1. whenisneveragain says:




  2. OldMrGrace says:

    @DuctapePenguin Of course the bulls won’t give up. They never do, until they realize the battle has been lost. That’s the essence of a bear market. What we have seen the last 2/3 months is short covering (especially this week) and not committed long term buyers stepping in. For my sins, I am 100% bearish because the Wave 3 decline will take out the March 2009 lows and then some.

  3. DuctapePenguin says:

    Check out the large retracements back up on each of the recent declines (post April highs) thats not really the symptom of a weak market. A weak market would have small retracements not large ones. Large retracing moves tells me the bulls arent giving up easily.

  4. OldMrGrace says:

    @pokeherlips Of course it’s still in play. A few days of rising prices won’t change anything.

  5. MrSkipRogers says:

    Good job in making a map of making money!

  6. pokeherlips says:

    The H&S pattern is no longer in play. Failed neckline break sadly negates the beautiful pattern. Keep up the good work informing people how to make money on the downside!!

  7. TheEarthGerm says:

    @rockerme4u Sadly people dont take the time to study whats really going on the markets, they are to distracted worrying about where Lebron is signing or when the next Twlight movie comes out. The corps/gov have done a wonderful job of masking the truth from these “Sheeple”. 5 years ago I cared, but now Im tired of trying to convince people to wake up. I make my trades and with the profits I make I take care of my family and prepare them for the bigger financial mess heading our way.

  8. mbdharma says:

    @rockerme4u it’s going to retest the level at 10300 – 10600.

  9. rockerme4u says:

    Shout Out for PSAadmin. He rules. As he said. Only a idiot would buy stocks.

  10. rockerme4u says:

    @TheEarthGerm It is amazing why people do not think about how bad the market has become a “PONZI SCHEME”. Can we say Godman Shafts. Think about it. Corporations do not use your money for thier business. They issue stock options and as fast as stocks go up. They sell them off. Insider sales, as per Barron’s, are ten fold to buys. They are draining the money out faster than the FED can buy the futures. GS just happens to do as good as Bernie Madoff. Not, they are the market.They steal your money

  11. rpur441044 says:

    @rockerme4u Gap window was 1060 it ended 1070 with intraday 1071,they could open it at 1075 overnite into open,i dont view it like you,especially with end of day machines dont care if fill is complete or not to each point..More than 3 quarters complete.There is plenty of resistence here at the gap…i see 1095 to 1100 area as more important

  12. rockerme4u says:

    @rpur441044 It would seem to me that we would need
    1074 / 1075 to complete filled gap. Right.

  13. goldwing25 says:

    Thanks for the vid! I do believe the 50ma will prove to be a brick wall of resistance going forward, it is basically riding along the trend resistance line as well. 10,200 or 10,300 then look out below.

  14. TheEarthGerm says:

    Sold my SSO and DDM 5 minutes before the close, that huge rally yesterday and that late pop near today’s close didnt feel right. I think the big boys are selling before next sell off next week when earnings come out. Still holding TZA, FAZ, and TYP.

  15. rpur441044 says:

    You can run a downtrend line from april 26 high to june 21 runs across 1100 on fill today on sp500 @1070

  16. cunnidvd says:

    good stuff

  17. watersings says:

    obama’s $5 trillion stimulus is coming, Dow 30,000 baby! LOL

  18. scanlonized says:

    man I gotta get in ! dow 10,000 rock-n-roll !!! Barton Biggs, the FED, CNBC & PPT !!! awesome. LOL

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