Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Test Drive our site for $1

c  l o s e d

Now You Can Test Drive Our site

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July Portfolio + 10.5% , June portfolio +16.10 , May portfolio up , April Portfolio up….you get the picture .These these are consistent monthly results experienced by our subscribers in the last few months.

Markets have been rallying and we are making money, some people are still missing the boat..You too could be part of this money making strategies. You can make much more if you take some of these trades we originate. But we play safe and keep our returns low.

Why Give All This Away For Just A Dollar?

Because its a shameless blatant, bribe…. of course 🙂

See this a way to get you to take a look inside our members trading area, you have been looking at and not knowing whats going on inside there. Each week we add new trade… After each expiration cycle we add monthly trades.

Its literally having a full time Hedge fund manager working for you, obsessively tracking down new ideas ,researching new trades, and than putting it all together – something that you can just copy in your account. I still trade these trades in my account so any losses and gains would apply to me….

…..You will get 10 full days to evaluate the service, how your emails get answered, and timely input on entry and exit orders etc etc. We feel so confident, that you will enjoy trading this way and love it… And our hope is that you’ll get totally hooked on OPTIONS TRADING and MAKING MONEY and stay as permanent members.

You will get 10 FULL DAYS to test drive our members site and USE all the strategies we show you. We believe what we show you will make you money.. and you will stay as permanent members. In that case, you need not do anything and your credit card will be billed for $49.95 fee.

If you think its not for you, that’s cool- just sent an email and cancel, no questions asked…

But you can still keep all the Sept monthly trades for free….

…and benefit from these well researched trades and make money for the rest of the month. Pretty good deal?You have nothing to lose, everything to gain. All you ” risk” is $1… So what are you waiting for..

Claim Your $1 pass today !

I am a NEW member and I have never subscribed to your service. I Understand that I pay just $1.00 today for access to the membership site. I further understand that I will be billed $49.95 per month for continuing access to  Membership Site Monthly if I do not cancel within the 10 day trial period. I understand that I can cancel anytime by using the contact form on this site or paypal without any questions asked whatsoever and I will NOT be billed again for anything.

To higher profits,


P.S. Seriously, this market is great for $$making money…and its getting better..Don’t miss out…now!

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, and you’ve known me long enough to know I’ll do you the right thing.

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