Monday, January 2nd, 2017

The Best Interval For Day Trading Charts is ZERO Minutes!

I receive this question a lot: “What’s the best interval for day trading charts?” In today’s video I not only answer that, but give, what may be to some, a very surprising answer: Don’t use intervals of ANY minutes!


25 Responses to “The Best Interval For Day Trading Charts is ZERO Minutes!”
  1. ViciousDipper says:

    @oldfox lmao

  2. CreatedKnight says:

    Great video. Very informative. I never thought of this.

  3. TradeWithVolume says:

    Tradewithvolume has a great in depth site on tape reading and volume to read the market from a supply and demand standpoint.

  4. Henri11313 says:


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  5. MaddStocks says:

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  6. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

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  7. mrhazel says:

    i agree 100%. the minute i dropped time frames and started looking at renko charts with wicks and tick charts, my trading has never been better. a move happens when it happens. it will not matter how many minutes or hours a candle is. when you look at renko and tick charts, you charts pretty much all look the same. if you can trade one market, you should be able to trade them all. it should matter. it only matter when you try to use a time frame. this breaks down price like it should

  8. i0am0a0daytrader says:

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  9. Lafraim says:

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  10. ZerroRozario says:

    It has left me without money.

  11. bulltrapper says:

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  12. vitvittra says:

    Tick charts!

  13. i0am0a0daytrader says:

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  14. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

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  16. infaredeyes09 says:

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  17. QQQQSystemDotCom says:

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  18. zsafws says:

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  19. ramiraramira says:

    misleading information, what you guyes need to take into considiration that tick bars often moves very very fast… so sometime in a period of couple of seconds serverl bars are build, espicaly for low amount of ticks needed i.e 200 ticks. so take it under considiration… you are warned! 🙂

  20. bigtim50 says:

    The author of this video mentioned using TICK charts but I am told different Data providers do not provide proper TICK data. I use (IB) interactive brokers and was told they are bad for TICK chart data. Does any one know. Also,I am curious why he uses 200 ticks for his time frame. Please do not comment unless you make sense. Thanks

  21. OilTrading says:

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  22. rbonilla18 says:

    i must disagree im a day trader and i pull 3%~10% weekly with max drw down -4%(I have been trading for 3 years). Ofcourse i trade 1:5, 1 hr charts move for the whole day@kebl0826

  23. laton0 says:

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  24. gk70425 says:

    your an idiot. you have no idea what your talking about. my colleague generated 2.5m TRADING the markets these past 6 months so take your piker ass and read another warren buffet book. and btw the markets HFT is based on tech analysis and so charts are more so important today then they ever were. there are no rich daytraders, no. there are those who overcome the adverse and then there’s you.

  25. force8081 says:

    I disagree. The best interval for trading US equities is the weekly chart but thats for me and not you. If you want to make money and want to learn listen to Barry. Good Luck and take care.

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