Friday, April 22nd, 2016

The Day Trader

Peter Millman discusses his addiction to the stock market. Video by Vincent Laforet.


25 Responses to “The Day Trader”
  1. paraglide01 says:

    The truth is they dont make money. I believe 95% of the daytraders are loosing money.
    Watching trendlines and candlestick patrons is very close to gambeling and there are people who are very good at gambeling but its not a science. Although there are automated high frequenties systems that make money.

  2. saxinat0r says:


  3. FlossRaps says:

    @silkroadhawaii very insightful

  4. silkroadhawaii says:

    “As an accounting student and future cpa….” What an idiot. And racistathiest666 – I bet you don’t even have 2 nickels to rub together. If someone wants to pursure what they like, whether day trading or opening a small business, all the power to them. You should focus on following your dreams rather than trying to tear down others.

  5. Mishkafofer says:

    @ererye I also read Kiwasaki books and i am Accounting Studies graduate and future CPA. My advice is stay away from stock exchange. As Warren Buffet said, the best investment is in yourself so get yourself an education.

  6. Mishkafofer says:

    As an Accounting student i fail to see how this people make money. The fact he is watching trend lines and lots of numbers says nothing to me.
    If he is using Technical Analysis, good luck, i don’t think it can give him an edge above chance pay off.
    If he is using Fundamental Analysis such as Warren Buffet, that i can understand but that don’t require watching LCD screens all day long, just solid accounting education, preferably CPA and good macro economic knowledge and a spare hour with Excel.

  7. markit8dude1 says:

    Well when was the last time you unplugged yourself and took a walk in the woods? Actually I’ll recommend a book for you to read called ‘ A Walk in the Woods’ by Bill Bryson. Humans were never supposed to be that disconnected with the natural environment. Cheers

  8. racistathiest666 says:

    If anyone is curious about the psychology behind the thinking of our nation’s premiere, untouchable, “above the law” multi-millionaire CEO’s–You know, the ones who bankrupt our nation with their scams & thievery, then retired their positions unscathed & without criminal charges or accountability.
    This young man is a prime example. He explains the feelings & emotions that come with trading huge amounts of money. Greed, makes me numb, unraveled, hi, as I care of nothing & no 1 but me & my toys.

  9. kmkfiction2 says:


    Why is it a “sad existence”? Curious.

  10. markit8dude1 says:

    Man what a sad existence. Good luck buddy

  11. frederikkoeppe says:

    There are people in the world who really does not add any value to the world.

  12. hzlt124 says:

    Why not just get a job?

  13. NVYnavygator says:

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  14. CMac1980z says:

    @margaritovbg Yeah… You might as well have a fine arts degree. Business management doesn’t do jack for traders unless you’re on the IS side of things.

  15. 999silverrush says:

    “did I miss something on cnbc”… LMAO… ya you missed an easy gain by simply betting on the opposite of what they said..stocks…gold…rare earths elements…. If they call a bubble in something BUY

  16. traderbrad420 says:

    Most day trade seminars are taught by fast talking “sales men” who have nothing worth while to deliver. They teach yesterday’s “tricks”, fluff gimmicks and kindergarten trading techniques that are available in any old book on day trading.

    Day trading tactics must be taught by traders who have been in the trenches, that know what it takes to make thousands by choosing the best stocks, in other words traders with years of practical experience.

  17. danpav86 says:

    I saw that Pete won a contest on Dukascopy.

  18. danpav86 says:

    I saw that Pete won a contest on Dukascopy.

  19. audiohi says:

    No question you can…just become certified where you live and you should be fine. I never went to university myself, all i had to do was pass the CSC, (in Canada) which I did, and the next thing i knew i was working for TD in Toronto.
    Or you could do what i did next and simply save money then trade your own account from home. You’ll never have to work again. Just sayin lol…

  20. audiohi says:

    I started out with $1,000 early last year and now i have $65,000, so yes $6,000 is absolutely enough if you know what you’re doing.Trust me, there are trading methods not even ‘pros’ know. (i know how that sounds) – So educate yourself. With the right knowledge you should be able to double your money every 1-2 months. Trust me its 110% possible. Never, ever stop learning. And keep in mind i make an average of only one trade / week…
    its all about finding the right stock,- and patience.

  21. stillett12343 says:

    I was never gready, i found trading weekly for cahs in hand wasx the beggining of the best days of my life, now days i am out and want to get back in, the internet has changed so much, i used to tak qualifactions with agency’s that have just vanished, they where in the forex

  22. benzesty says:

    @margaritovbg business management, not as good as mathematics/physics/economics for trading, but you can specialise into maths/economic stream, you need to break into it early from first year till final,
    sign up for “insight” programs in your first year, “Internship” in your second year.
    also it would help if you study for a CFA. it takes alot of effort.

  23. margaritovbg says:

    This is my dream job as well!Question: is it possible to become day trader without university education, provided I read and study the correct books about it? (although I am studying business management at uni right now in my first year, does business management have anything to do with day trading, although I think it doesnt have much to do about it but still asking ?)

  24. strobe9 says:

    @yahoopl3 you also assume ‘a lot’. been trading for income for the last three years and living very comfortably in new york city. glad to be learning everyday grandpa and hope to do so indefinitely.

  25. MYNEWMOKE says:

    great vid. i hope to be at a prop firm like this soon << more interviews here

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