Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

The Economy is growing Again

Feds raised the rates today Feb 19, 2010. Stock market cannot ignore this. Wall Street’s reckless deeds under Bush and Cheney brought this country’s financial system to its knees and they can’t even ignore this. In fact they have not ignored this since last March 9, 2009. But they had a Temper Tantrum recently that boiled into a warfare between President Obama  and themselves. Those big fat egos couldn’t handle the whip coming down on them. Yes these people own the stock market, they own your mortgage, they own your SUV parked in your driveway, and if you are not careful, they even own your credit cards. Last month you have seen their wrath, their anger. But this was all needless in this growing economy, where stellar earnings reports have plastered this season. Yet they started a red candle bazaar for days and days throwing every lever and hitting every sell button. I haven’t seen these kind of sell offs since the dark wintry days of Bush & Cheney back in 2008.

Here is a video that you can watch and decide if we have come a long way or not, and if the stock market will continue rising.

Nothing is perfect in this world. Bush and Cheney drove the car over the cliff and it will take a longtime time for things to get back to normal. The single most thing that can break the back of this Bull Market is : High Unemployment. If we continue to see 10% or higher unemployment, this Bull Market will be history. Nothing will work. That is the straw than can make or break the market. Forget about Dollar’s rise or debt in a far flung country known as Greece, that wasn’t a problem to begin with. The dollar is still rising, and the market still moving higher. Go figure. Therefore, the charts I have been posting are called The Mother of all Charts. No Technical indicator is needed to read them. Since we are making progress, lets see, how far this year runs. I am optimistic it will get better from here. Don’t give up.

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  1. Dicky says:

    Guess I should buy a new house this year? I am waiting for the real estate market to get better. What is your take on the real estate market? Please write.



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