Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

The Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights

Product Description
The Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights is a manifesto. In 10 short chapters it takes on the oligarchy that rules forex trading, citing the worst practices and recommending specific rights individual traders should insist on. The book’s approach is high-minded but not visionary. While its stated objective is to make forex trading more transparent, more efficient, and fair, the rights it proposes are grounded in the reality of trading today. Rather than star-gazi… More >>

The Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights

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One Response to “The Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights”
  1. Sutha Kamal says:

    Banks are never anybody’s favorite organization, but some of the things they do (like introducing delays into settling transactions… you wait for your money, they get to play with it a few more days) can be really dissapointing. A great little booklet, Oanda’s guide is helpful both to understand the way the forex world works (and how you just might be getting ripped off), and also an example of how one small company is challening the banks at their own game… and telling the world about the uneven playing field.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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