Thursday, June 30th, 2016

The Number One Rule of Stock Trading

Professional trader Mark Gordon explains the number one rule you need to follow to be a successful stock trader – “Sell Any Stock That Falls More Than 8% Below Your Purchase Price.” Mark Gordon looks at earnings,chart patterns, buy points and more. Many of Mr. Gordon’s picks have gone on to be big winners. Start your free 2-week trial to his stock picking service at . You’ll also find lots of free info there included his video lessons which will make you a better trader. You can also check out his blog at and his “tweets” at http If you’re looking for live index and leading stock charts, check out the GoldenTicker public charts at Feel free to email Mark with any questions of comments. TAGS stocks stock market investing investments money trading trade system day swing wealth picks pics pick tips index futures options finance financial golden ticker charts report analysis lesson tutorial gold oil dollar bonds etf collapse technical macd stochastics bollinger band monster best

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