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The Quarters Theory: The Revolutionary New Foreign Currencies Trading Method

  • ISBN13: 9780470458464
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Product Description
An inside look at an innovative Forex trading system The Quarters Theory improves and simplifies the decision-making process in foreign exchange trading through the use of a revolutionary new methodology applied to the price behavior of currency exchange rates and trend developments in the Forex market. This book provides currency traders with a step-by-step guide to the unique premise of the Quarters Theory and offers many real-life market examples, variations, … More >>

The Quarters Theory: The Revolutionary New Foreign Currencies Trading Method

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    4 Responses to “The Quarters Theory: The Revolutionary New Foreign Currencies Trading Method”
    1. Gerald J. Polus says:

      Ilian Yotov is truly a forex expert. Once you read The Quarters Theory and understand the trading concepts Ilian teaches you can apply them to your daily,weekly or monthly trading plan.The forex market will suddenly become transparent and make sence.In my opinion it’s like having a crystal ball into the market.I am now able to detect strength and weakness as well as turning points in any pair I trade. And in the forex market that can either make you alot of money or save you alot of money. The Quarters Theory is a very laid back yet sophisticated approach to trading. You simply let the market tell you what it’s going to do and trade it.This book is very concise and easy to understand. Ilian explains everything in great detail and leaves little room for question. For those of you wondering,I have become a very sucsessful trader thanks to The Quarters Theory and Ilian Yotov’s teachings.If your serios about trading the forex market and want to see through the volotility you owe it to yourself to learn this material. (Good Stuff)

      Rating: 5 / 5

    2. C. Mattimoe says:

      Ilian Yotov’s Quarters Theory is an indispensible roadmap for successfully navigating the seemingly erratic moves and random chaos of the foreign exchange currency market. The Quarters Theory is an unmatched trading methodology that is literally unavailable anywhere else.

      Ilian’s years of expertise and insight has resulted in a guidebook which demonstrates the outwardly-unpredictable market does move in hidden but clearly predictable ways. The Quarter’s Theory teachings provide the tools and skills that allow a trader to be alert to a series of distinct and favorable conditions before making any serious moves, thereby assuring the highest probability for success in what is otherwise a Wild West crap shoot.

      My sincere appreciation and gratitude go to Ilian Yotov for his tremendous effort and truly insightful success in finding observable order amidst the chaos. The Quarters Theory is a compass, barometer and survival kit for any forex trader who wants to know, understand and trade with confidence.

      C. Mattimoe San Francisco

      Rating: 5 / 5

    3. V. Luthra says:

      I’ve read this book and the theory sounds plausible BUT has anybody (including the author) made money – serious money – using this method? It’s all well to come out with great ideas (and there are many in the forex trading considering the number of titles in this category) only A VERY FEW of them yield solid results. So please, if you generate big moola, give this book 5 stars and spread the word.
      Rating: 3 / 5

    4. Enrique A. Garcia says:

      If you are serious about trading the Forex market, then, this book must be part of your daily planning!

      The Quarters Theory by Ilian Yotov, takes you into an area of trading the forex that you probably have never imagine and it is clearly there, visible everyday!

      The book is written in a very direct and simple way that allows you to learn and be able to use its contents as soon as you are finished reading it.

      I can only rate the book as EXCELLENT! As a successful forex trader I understand the quality of any material that comes my way, and I have to say this is somehting new, refreshing, very different indeed and a must read by all that are seriously trading the market.

      I’ve had all our instructors [...] read the book and the opinnion was again unanimously: EXCELLENT!

      We gave it a 5 Star Rating as for EXCELLENCE!

      Rating: 5 / 5

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