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The Value and Momentum Trader: Dynamic Stock Selection Models to Beat the Market

Product Description win negotiation approach? N values based on proprietary research statistics out in Excel In The Merchant of value and momentum, Grant Henning presents a comprehensive approach to trading stocks, which focuses on the m? RESEARCH everyone? n based Excel has been developed. In this book, Henning presents the business tools you used to become an entrepreneur? Success, and discusses some of the biggest challenges of the active participants in the market. This prese reliable resource. . . M? S>>

The Value and Momentum Trader: Dynamic Stock Selection Models to Beat the Market

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5 Responses to “The Value and Momentum Trader: Dynamic Stock Selection Models to Beat the Market”
  1. Henning Congratulations Funded? N to clearly explain its selection system? Of shares and even provide a CD to excel with f? Offer nothing in the book. It is not often that any employer? Successful show? its methodology? a, with explanations, so clearly. I liked? the fact that the final universe of stocks was selected not s? what the values t? technicians, but also? n fundamental. However, I am struck by two tables in the book, 4. 1 and 6. 4. Table 4. 1, three measures are expressed as a buy or strong buy. However, their next three months, the performance m? S all? on 12/31/2008 was poor. TWRT change? the s? symbol for BWEN, I could not find a table of QSC and DGLY was selling better than a purchase through? s of 31/03/2008. Adem? S I surprised? that many of the other populations of this picture seems to be small to capitalizaci? n to the point of being really dark. (Mir? Within three months of time since the writer says his usual holding period of a few days they up to three months.) Maybe dumped three populations of r? Ask? Table 6. 4, I followed all the stock and did not find? any correlation? No significant difference between buy or strong buy, sell or strong sell, and the following three month results from mid-August 2008 to mid November 2008. The s? IKN symbol not found?, STAA and ALTH is anticipated? as AFAM, but did not. PARL there? Has been a strong selling, not buying strong. I be? Been interested in seeing a better correlation? N between the mec? Unique comprehensive classification system? Ny subsequent performance. At least looking at these two tables, there seems to be a good correlation? N of the prediction? N for performance. I am interested in both time to market indicators and be? To interested to see if other researchers have confirmed the relationship? N between the VIX and the reason? N to call for the subsequent performance of the S & P 500. Score? No: 5.5

  2. This is a ADICI? No really welcomed to the literature on m? All of negotiation? N values. The author gives an excellent Review of On? N of the approaches developed and defended in the past and a continuation? N presents a methodology? That has developed its own expertise in the m? All statistics out. The results of extensive testing of the methodology? To show the extraordinary effectiveness of m? Todo.Recomiendo this book for several reasons. First, is based on an? Detailed analysis of historical stock data? Rich, not a theory? To or fancy? N c? Mo should behave the market. These evidence-based approaches to problems diff? Ciles have proven extremely effective in others? Mbit, and it is not strange ar to be effective in this? Scope also? N. Secondly, the author is careful to identify the l? Limits of the methodology? To and care to be taken in their application? N. One emerges from the text with the constataci? N that the m? All is the best employee together with the litigation arising from the experience in the market. In other words, the m? All developed by the author functions as a cognitive aid for the merchant to reduce the n? Number of possibilities worth considering a small on? Simple enough that the trader can make its experience to lead effectively. Third, the software provided by the author of the methodology? A user access to knowledge of information? S policy? Reason. And? Finally, the author acknowledges the role of the integrity and the management? No risk, both personal and corporate financial matters. In fact, I have the hope that his DISCUSSION? N of these issues could? To contribute to a DISCUSSION? Nm? S extensive of these issues in the financial communities and afines.Estas character? Appliances, on the whole, this work set apart other resources available on the subject. For this reason? N for which to assign the composite score? Nm? S high in this book. Score? No: 5.5

  3. Student says:

    Compr? this book to learn about the market outperfoming. I have? A very curious to learn new technique. M? S later I enter? that the basic techniques are not unique as many authors have discussed the value and? mpetu. Tambi? No I agree that there are many repetitions? N. I think that be? better if the basic techniques est? n concisely written. However, I do not feel it’s relationship? No money. On the contrary, I respect the author’s attempt to add your religious viewpoint. I think? He has written since then? Ngulo.Calificaci? No: 5.2

  4. AWESOME, I just read this book and left? very impressed. I am an experienced trader constantly looking for new tools to analysize shares and markets. The Terms and comcepts discussed make this book suitable for those who have some experience with stock markets, but it has to be a professional trader insite to glean much from this book. I recommend this book to all brokers and investors, not principiantes.Los cap? Chapters are interesting and full of personal experiences of the author, with thought provoking questions about? Policy in relation? N with various trade. In this d? Of corporate greed at any cost, this is refreshing. The author talks frankly the mistakes he made and makes clear his thought processes in the development of this system of tools comercio.La t? Technique of negotiation? No momentum is nothing new, but how that combines an author? lysis refined by an impulse? analysis of the value adds a level of confidence in the negotiation? na short term for the strength that underlie fundamental to fall again when you get stuck in a position? nm? s of what may have originally previsto.No going to believe this, but the book includes a CD with the piece of c? Exel calculation of the trading system and instructions. C sheet? Calculation no est? locked and can be used for negotiation work? n own for free. You’ll have to do alg? n working to enter data into the worksheet c? calculation and you may want to adapt the sheet c? calculation for negotiation style? n personal, but it is ning? n problema.Calificaci? No: 5.5

  5. I found a couple of things I like? To share with potential buyers also libro.Yo? N live by trade, the management? No money from dem? S.Con a team of three programmers, who make RESEARCH? n appropriate. We read, study yacad? Monkeys art? Ass test, conference presentations, etcPuedo be deemed competent in this area. It is my profession? No – I do not think t? Technique presented in this book works in a scalable manner. It is too simple. If it works, it works s? Paraversales.El book suggests limiting the populations of up to 10,000 daily volume of $ 5 for people of action? N, which is $ 50 000 for d? To $ vol. That is the l? Mite.Eso is min. about $ 7K transactions per hour. Suppose you have a $ 200K. You want to buy 5 companies, so you have to buy $ 40K per empresa.Usted can not seriously buy shares at $ 50 000 daily $ vol .- I think that much? Success author’s real life depends on the execution? n the same (Royals purchase / sale, FIXING? No price request the invitation to tender, use, etc) as well? n admits “real trade” is an art; Do not expect to learn the art of this book. You can learn s? What the pr? PRACTICE .- The book est? against the department, but if you have a vision? n of God (if God speaks to you, how to speak? to Jacob), the book recommends taking advantage of his position? n. – The book says that it is immoral to short stocks , but buying a bear ETF is right .- It is 200 p? pages, but there are many p? blank pages, and one way of many p? pages that repiten.Literalmente, the p? pages on p ? pages you have in one of the cap? titles are repeated in the following chapter? tulos.Toda strategy book can be summed up in m? x. 10 p? Ginas.200 p? Pages are an exaggeration? N. – The cap? Chapter on the medicinal? N the play, or is a joke. Or I can say m? S good: do not expect rigorous proof that backtest or funciona.Transacciones through? S of per? Ll, o gr? Ficosa performance, Max. Disposition, use, Sharpe, or other state? Sticas.Todos the missing. In principle, the book says, you have to be invested in s? What? Favorable? per? odos.Y not convince me that can detect the peaks and valleys of the market .- Also accurate? n when VIX is simply can not work so well in this way, and there is precisamente.Por least the book does not present f? formula precisely. (? anticipate periods about 49 days they (but room? exceptions to that), “anticipate about 1 to, or to the past ‘(But no m? s exceptions)) – be warned? that must update the Excel table manually with the price and other data (cash flow, income) for each 50 to 200? stocks. This can be tedious by hand, you can take a d? a. – I also ? n recognize that the author is sincere and wants the best for society and that is why cheese Mix the discussion of faith and the God of the investigation? n the stock market, but the practical value? ctico of lalibro for me? was zero: I was not interested in trading stocks based on faith (for the edges? Chart), and I do not think the investigation? No securities markets of the book works in a way escalable.Si want a good Read about the philosophy? to read the book, Bernstein, if you gustalibros of religion? No, read it, if you want a professional book with precision? necuaciones f? offer nothing but read the book Kaufmann.Yo advise? aa change name of the book to adequately reflect its content. Score? No: 5.2

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