Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

The Vulcan Report (155) – SHOOK ONES.mp4

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25 Responses to “The Vulcan Report (155) – SHOOK ONES.mp4”
  1. pulsescan72 says:


  2. gasdorf says:

    are you talking too close to you micro phone ?

  3. meikagirl says:

    @pulsescan72 Yes. Thank You!!!

  4. pulsescan72 says:

    thanks i really appreciate the support.

  5. glend1957 says:


    Listen, you are doing an excellent service, and I and others appreciate your selfless efforts.

  6. pulsescan72 says:

    when and if i can get around to it i will put one online today.

  7. glend1957 says:


    Fair enough. Just watched your tutorial videos this morning, so that’s why I didn’t figure out that I was working with a day old spreadsheet!

    Well, I’m long SDS (short the market). Guess I’ll try to figure out a good place for a protective stop on my own and then check out your next spreadsheet. I would be interested in also checking your managed account services out.

  8. pulsescan72 says:

    I have not put out a spreadsheet today nor have i made a video ( I had some personal stuff to do) not to mention today is FOMC day so the markets will be still until 2:15pm EST. Once the news comes out then the markets will move. its best to be on the sidelines if you don’t know what your doing. My clients (of whom I manage their accounts) are already well positioned for the news. There are some strategies and techniques that I reserve for those with whom I manage accounts.

  9. glend1957 says:


    Thanks Dex…unfortunately, I am underwater (I know, I know…that’s why I’m learning your stuff). Just trying to figure out what to do now that I am where I am. Any help is appreciated!

  10. pulsescan72 says:

    you should have used yesterdays SUP LOW as your initial stop loss. i would then move the stop to breakeven if your up on the trade.

  11. glend1957 says:

    Looking at SDS, when the market ended yesterday (and began today) below you resistance low, how do you play that? I’m long SDS, and would like to set some sort of stop based on your spreadsheet, but am having a hard time figuring out what your system would have me set my stop at.

  12. pulsescan72 says:

    How about Futures and Forex. LOL

  13. pulsescan72 says:

    Thank you kindly. I appreciate the support.

  14. dv2012 says:

    You are awesome, man. I’m a card-carrying fan.

  15. Doenietmeermee says:

    in the context that I do not disagree with you say, I would not only listen to what you say, I would act accordinly when I was in stocks

  16. Doenietmeermee says:

    thanks for the answer

  17. ytgv3fc7 says:

    I’ve been very busy so I’ve had no chance to check the volume vs price movement start of day vs end of day. I had noticed quite a pattern before.
    The market sure isn’t moving as the fundamentals nor my patterns have had.
    It sure IS bear-hunting season. Sure is. Remain alert, keep zen patience and make the plays as the numbers dictate.

  18. pulsescan72 says:

    Yes. Its really quite simple. There were more buyers than sellers! LOL. smile.

  19. drkevincampbell says:

    Dex, I see reduced volume today. Can you tell me what exactly drove up this market today?

  20. pulsescan72 says:

    Yup pretty much.

  21. 1RoaringMonk says:

    guess they have reverted to reverse phsycology

  22. pulsescan72 says:

    thank you most kindly SIR. Your continued support is appreciated. Thanks again.

  23. stealinator says:

    Thanks Dex. In the green on SPY & DVA. Additional $ donations coming this weekend. Keep up the good work. The previous donations were for the educational experiance. Well worth paying for. YOU ALL LEACHES make sure to give back some of what was freely given to you and hit the donate button. Is how it works. What comes around goes around. Time IS Money.

  24. fuckyouobama1 says:

    Black Ops

  25. rossadew says:

    @rossadew We got our feet wet pritty good! My compuiters were almost gone!!

    One thing I hope to get out of this, is for people to start thinking about preparation… I tell you, It sure felt safe sitting on all my stash! finaly a good self-confirmation! There was already a food and water problem and I was totaly prepared

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