Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Thinking about getting into stock trading. What is the best site fore beginners?

I have no experience and I want to study up Into Before I get anything to hastily. What is the best site for tips and advice? What is the best site for beginners to invest on?


2 Responses to “Thinking about getting into stock trading. What is the best site fore beginners?”
  1. texanskid says:

    Depends on how much you are willing to pay. Business Daily) updates daily with tons of articles about what happened that day in trading, advice, and it even grades every stock based on past performances. You get all of this but its not cheap either. I just checked and they have a 2 week free trail if you want to test it out.

    This site isnt a broker though, but more along the lines of an educational site. If you are looking for the cheapest site to trade on then I believe its Scottrade. I think they have $7 a trade and only ask that you put in $500 into your account to start out.

  2. nowm says:

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