Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Trading for a living

Trading for a living is an extremely lucrative lifestyle that suits many people. Every trader dreams of living a life where he controls everything around him except the markets which work independently of his her control. The privileges for being a full time trader are numerous. The working hours are great 5-6 hrs a day and weekends completely yours. Many successful traders and full time traders spend just as much time as they would at the office. The rewards are great too. In a raging bull market fortunes are made and the money can come in large amounts. In desperate bear markets these sources dry up but still its plenty out there.  Becoming a trader is being able to trust yourself and manage your finances and money with extreme care and vigilance. Every expense and costs is well managed. You need to become debt free with minimal debts and own at least enough resources to live off for 6 to 12 months without any outside income. Attending to personal finances and managing them to the fine tuned state is the first step to becoming a trader. A successful trader is not obsessed with money, he or she is a well oiled lean machine, a financial powerhouse that runs his life on his own decisions and instincts. 

Markets are treacherous rivers, full of minefields and risks and twists and turns. Being able to row in such rapids is not a task for a rookie with few years under the belt. Trading is no easy task by itself. It can be downright brutal and hard. Losses are a every day reality and they happen to all of us. Its a grueling ordeal sometimes to get in and out of positions.

Trading stops at half day, and balance of the day, is for you to enjoy and reflect. This lifestyle provides ample time and opportunities for enjoyment. You only control yourself not others. No employees, no customers, no phone calls, no appointment, no dress code. Lounging in shorts and laying by the pool you can trade away fortunes if you wish.

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