Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Trading of Share in NYSE Stock Echange

NYSE stock exchange the stock is trading m? s largest in the world. In trading, shares are exchanged in a place called Exchange, where buyers and sellers to decide the price. Exchanges can be a place f? Musician or be a virtual place. In a location? Nf? Music, transactions are carried out in a flat in negotiation? N where traders are? Aliza with various emotions, such as waving, shouting and waving their hands between s?. In a virtual exchange, trade is conducted with the help of a computer network. A stock market is a sophisticated market connecting buyers and sellers. Facilitates the exchange of populations between buyers and sellers. There are two types of market. This is the primary market and secondary market. Primary market is where assets are deposited negotiation? N to guarantee repayment. secondary market is where the merchant trade assets deposited without the participation? n of the company that issued? assets to trade. COLLECTION n of belonging to a company listed on association? N with a third party. Company no est? directly involved with trade. secondary market is very com stock market? n. The change m? S appreciated the world New York Stock Exchange. Let us now elaborate on the process of buying shares on the NYSE. Grand Council was established for many years by signing the Buttonwood agreement. That the brokers and traders in New York agreed to certain rules and regulations for trade. Currently the NYSE, many stocks are available in large companies like General Electric, Gillette, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. Most? To often, the actions of these companies are traded because of his return from the production? N. The New York Stock Exchange is a stock market that is considered the first type. In such locations f? SICAS are preferred to trade. Tambi? No sale are known as Exchange. Brokerage firms are members of trade. Through? S of the brokerage houses? Company orders are placed on the trading floor where stocks are traded. Here, we have people who are experts in the linkage between the various? N of buyers and sellers. With the help of prices m? All socks auction decide. m? entire auction is a m? whole in which buyers expect the price m? s under the action to buy, use, while sellers est? No waiting to make a profit by selling the stock price m? s high. Once the trade is complete, brokerage firm receive? all the information? n about this particular trade. After the brokerage firm that identifies the order i. e. the holder of shares or securities depositors. Today on computers NYSE est? N involved in the process of negotiation? N values. As?, Shareholders can throw? Electronic orders? Nly in the trading floor. Currently, the NYSE vends licenses for a period, but one to? Or operate directly in the exchange. Besides New York Stock Exchange, we have two types of change m? S in the U.S. It is NASDAQ and AMEX. In Nasdaq trading takes place through? S computer and the network of brokers. In this exchange to trade shares of companies like Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and Dell. Nasdaq has become a serious competitor for the NYSE.

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