Friday, October 20th, 2017

Trading stock options?

If you trade in stock options? Only the purchase of puts and calls or more advanced strategies?

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4 Responses to “Trading stock options?”
  1. Ted says:

    At the moment, just buying puts on junk that’s bombing and riding it down.

    In the past I have done buy-writes and straddles.

    I’m also looking for some promising vertical credit spreads.

  2. John W says:

    Since last September, I have been buying deep in the money LEAPS when the market dips. I then sell calls against those LEAPS each month to generate income.

    Relatively safe strategy that has been working well. I’m up around 17% since September.

  3. Radar Man says:

    I trade non directional with options, this is done by using spreads such as calendars spreads and iron condor. The overall objective is using time decay to my benefit. It’s a great way to generate monthly income and doesn’t require too much of my time.

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