Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Trading Stocks?

Suppose a company may purchase. The share price is 30. The purchase will reach 40. You want to be an option to buy in January to cause the merger will take place in the fall. You buy 30 contracts or the right to shares of 3000? Hitting the options after the merger is announced. So the options to strike at 10 per share in the profits also known as the right of 30 000? Isn’t the best way to play a stratgey acquisition? Obiosuly minus the cost of purchasing options or about about 3000 for calls. And suppose you have heard something. I am not sure of the correct way out strategy more accurately.

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One Response to “Trading Stocks?”
  1. mnzamu says:

    always buy long and sell short tht helps u can try puts and calls
    or use the butterfly

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