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Trading stocks,futures, and options for a living?

Well I’m in high school and love to trade. I am not a good student, so I’m not going to be a doctor, lawyer and all that. I’m new and have been investing / stock exchange futures and options for more than three years with great results. I do not believe their luck because I use a strategy and a good guy i created from all the strategies of other experts and fair experience. I’m a discretionary trader. So I’ve decided I want to do this at home not to make a living wage. My questions are how many other people make a career doing this? Are satisfactory (millionaires)? My guide and I talked about this and even agreed on a lot of traders leave the HS or college and make millions! I read a lot of books and I know that my strategy works in bull and bear markets years before last year I earned money and is still reading after taking a 20% draw down I went with my best of the year! I can control my emotions which is important in this business from what I hear. I have just instinct I can feel when you’re going to move people and even if I’m wrong, I cut my losses! I use stop limit orders, trailing stops and limit orders to execute my trades. So is this a smart move? to pursue a life dream of trading?? I just want a nice house nice cars etc NJ fabrics and many trips I have read about mundo.ok security analysis and smart investors and I must say Graham is too old school these methods dont work only with friends. . . daytrading trade makes money makes money in cash, even faster. Deep down I know how to invest, but invest no sense unless you have more than $ 50 million to invest willl take forever to get to invest 50 thousand as Graham and buffet just does not interest me. . Thank you, but you know it’s interesting because I did this test in the race personalilty ed in high school and I got it I was very happy but strange. only 1% of the American population that marked his perfectionist. . also said most likly to become a millionaire and a good race, it would be the analyst or trader sooo it the fact that I have been wanting to do this for many years and last year I took this test and got me motivated and eastern year is now my best year! I come from a very poor country and Soo things that I have this opportunity I have to take you know? and I’m used to living with little money always helps! I am also aware that some operators may lose 80% in just weeks or months, but new traders make her stick with it that make the big bucks in the long term. . . However, even during this accident I lost only 20% despite being fully invested because I use trailing stops or stop loss orders. . . to help prevent the loss of benefits. . . i can make Seay know the funny thing every day that i miss school i trade stocks make a lot of money! much more than it would be in school science hahaha im sure the land and the lack of language and mathematics, but I’m making more money than some students make their entire year of part-time work hahahahay I usually read two or three books a month. . on investment or trade im learning both things because I know that when one reaches a certain level you can not just trade all the time you have to invest. .

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7 Responses to “Trading stocks,futures, and options for a living?”
  1. khanapur says:

    Stock trading is a profession by itself. Great care has to be exercised and caution is the right word. Do not dump all savings in stock market only. Choose a variety of Instruments for raising your returns with a mixed portfolio. Always keep your stocks as watch dog keeping day to day happenings and cash them at appropriate opportunity.

    Where the fundamentals of a company are good,do not dispose off but wait and watch. they are very good for a long term investment. this is the right time to buy some very good stock where the fundamentals are very good. Though there may be temporariry low prices but good to take advantage and invest in them provided you have funds and your limits on stock markets are available.

  2. Common Sense says:

    The answer is…. yes you can!!!!!

    The “details” are…… it takes hard work & discipline.

    To get a “feel” of trading;
    Mastering The Trade, John Carter
    Trading In The Zone, Mark Douglas
    (try to commit to reading one trading book per month)

    Three great web sites to check out everyday;

    Other sites;

    Good luck;

  3. Clark Kent says:

    Read a biography of Jesse Livermore. He made and lost millions trading stocks.

  4. bizzbagg says:

    Learn to invest and not trade. Trading just runs up the following:

    3)trading on margin (borrowing money from the broker at about 10-14% interest.

    So I would really think about it before hand. 95% of all traders are unsuccessful.

  5. alberto J says:

    I have been a professional trader for many years, I have been very successful doing so. I will tell you the pros and cons of being so.

    I am quite young, I am 30 years old, and have made a lot off money, bought a big apartment payed cash, actually I made enough to be settle for life. But that’s where it get tricky, I got married two years ago and now I have a daughter, when I was single there was no pressure to make money I could stay out off the market for three months and no harm was done, but now I have to make at least 15k month not to be poorer every month, that’s a BIG BIG pressure, you have to perform every month every time.

    In other words it became a dogs life, it is awful, you gotta trade even when you shouldn’t, you can not stay true to your strategy you got take big risks eveevery time

  6. Tomel says:

    Sure, you can make a lot of money trading stocks, futures and options for a living. It sounds like you have taken the right approach by trying to learn all you can about trading, establishing trading strategies, maintaining trading discipline, etc.

    HOWEVER, you must realize that the vast majority of individuals who trade financial instruments fail in their endeavors. They are not successful. Also, realize that even very successful traders are lose money at times and go through dry spells. Make sure you maintain your trading discipline, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, always keep some powder dry, and keep learning all you can about the market.

    My experience: A retired investment professional who managed other investment professionals, including traders.

  7. raysor says:

    There are three things that usually contribute to a successful trade:
    1. Skill and knowledge
    2. Luck
    3. Inside information.
    Not necessarily in that order (probably reverse order)

    Don’t start believing your own mantra or anyone else’s get rich quick schemes, it will end in tears. Trust me I have seen it all before!

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