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10 Responses to “Trading Strategy Part 2”
  1. watchmylips says:


    When you say “based on an hourly chart” is the whole chart you see 1 hour, and then, what are each candle?

  2. YourTradingCoach says:

    Watchmylips Hello, First glance at the table per hour (each candle is one hour) to identify the main areas of support or resistance. These areas are identified by the previous shift points, areas of congestion and deficiencies (if selected market gaps). I then see the lists of 1-5 min (1-5 min candles) to identify the trend, support or minor resistance and feeling more actual.Obtendrá pattern in the other video – Trading Price Analysis / Price acción.Gracias, YourTradingCoach

  3. AM2M says:

    Thank you for your candor, and real and useful information. Most of the trading strategies here are infomercial junk. Thank you for workable trading advice. I feel fortunate to have found you today and followed everything you said with ease. Thank you.

  4. YourTradingCoach says:

    AM2M Hi, Your welcome. I’m glad you liked it. There is much more to come también.Saludos, LanzaYourTradingCoach

  5. x0xOne says:

    Thanks for your video, but I have proven many systems, as the commerce of range, the commerce in the support or resistance is not much éxito. I create commercial of the rupture is mÃtrustworthy s, asà that is my system. Thanks any way.

  6. YourTradingCoach says:

    X0xOne Hello, I’m glad you liked the video. All traders have a different appetite for risk, and watch the market in its own way. Some, such as S / R, others prefer the outbreaks, and of course there are many other styles too. Ultimately it comes to finding what you are comfortable. I’m glad you’ve been able to find cracks that are confiables.Todo best for a prosperous 2009.Saludos, Lance.

  7. merlinforever says:

    Thank you. . . Lance. . We hope you will come up with your own home business training program soon, so you can buy. Its a great person to do this and a great coach.

  8. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi merlinforever,

    Glad you liked the video. I don’t have firm plans for a course at this stage – although I need to sit down in the next week and plan the website for 2009. This will likely include a course or at least some more advanced instructional videos. I’ll be sure to notify everyone through the newsletter as soon as they’re available.
    Lance Beggs (yourtradingcoach)

  9. locatelliorso says:

    Fantastic! Do not use the Fibonacci retracement? Thanks

  10. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi locatelliorso,
    Thanks for your comments. No, I’m not a fan of fibonacci, but then a lot of traders are using it very successfully. So if you can believe in it and it give you good results, stick with it.
    Happy trading,

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