Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Trading Talk for March 6th 2008

Why has it been so hard for many traders?


10 Responses to “Trading Talk for March 6th 2008”
  1. damari123 says:

    True. You have to adopt your model! Declining ma50 & ma200 is what has changed.

  2. DayTrader74 says:

    Great advise, tks

  3. mikegmi2 says:

    yea I DVR it every week. the pit trader is great…boy wonder is bo-ring. the sandisk guys are entertaining as well…but hopefully they exit their position in that stock soon…otherwise we know what happens to it…

  4. whiteworldwide says:

    SCALP for your life

  5. impressiveink says:

    Keep your chin up. I know its not much but you guys are serious inspiration to me. Thank you for your lessons. At 42, I’m wanting to reinvent myself. I am seriously studing trading. The market has been a hobby for till this point. I like what you guys do and what you do is a GREAT work for people like me. The market is always right. Good trading to you my friend. Enjoy a day on the course!

  6. BillyJSkateAway says:

    Hope you have a good day off.

  7. sgomez858 says:

    AH thank god for TIVO. Which I actually own a bit of in another account so that is why I watch it. I am on the road in 30 minutes for a 2 hour drive. I’ll have to watch it this weekend. They need to replace her with a new trader at a prop firm to follow. Its a big part of the industry. Less of the “fund manager boy wonder” and more of the pit traders I say!

  8. mikegmi2 says:

    its been tough. also, how dissapointed are you that the rookie trader…we never got to see her trade with real money…she runs off to Paris…its on in 1 hour, so im hoping eventually they show how she did trading real money.

  9. Hallaran says:

    Appreciate the video. Enjoy your day off!

  10. jellybeansinc says:

    FIRST~!,also called a channel :)

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