Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Trading the Inside Bar – Forex – Lesson 1

Introduction to the Inside Bar (Harami pattern for candle sticks.) Subscribe to my premium forex signal service “The Market mover Edge” at: E-zine:

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7 Responses to “Trading the Inside Bar – Forex – Lesson 1”
  1. enohp660 says:

    Good information? N. I’m assuming that you are a professional trader, but you said that the inner bar is a pattern? N of investors? N. Is that always the case? Suppose we are open over all days they then have a bullish candle that also? N is a bar inside. If the next candle hits the trigger long as 30 pips? C? Mo is that a change?

  2. NoNonsenseTrader says:

    I only trade it as a continuation of the trend. The IB is traded as a reversal of the retracement, or as a consolidation of the impulse move. NO patttern is 100% period.

  3. fxopenindia says:

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  4. fxopenindia says:

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  5. fonzi0was0cool says:

    helloWhere I can obtain the volume indicator? I can use any common indicator like an alternative? if yes, which? applause

  6. Artaudo says:

    @NoNonsenseTrader Back test it . . .


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