Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Trend Trading for a Living: Learn the Skills and Gain the Confidence to Trade for a Living

  • ISBN13: 9780071544191
  • Condition: New
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Product DescriptionTrade trend and can trade for a living If you’re going to play the stock market, play to win with a fundamental strategy of most hedge fund managers trading the trend. In life business trends, trading coach and hedge fund manager known on Wall Street as “Dr. Stoxx” shares his personal strategies for market analysis, stock selection, and know when to buy and sell . This book provides a step by step practical roadmap for GE. . . More>>

Trend Trading for a Living: Learn the Skills and Gain the Confidence to Trade for a Living

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6 Responses to “Trend Trading for a Living: Learn the Skills and Gain the Confidence to Trade for a Living”
  1. UTMTB says:

    I agree with the critic who said the book could have been condensed. 300 pages is a bit long, and just do a little more cumbersome to carry, etc. But that alone does not define the libro.Yo friend had subscribed to the newsletter of the trend and ended up losing money. Nevertheless, I thought that Dr. Carr had a feeling pretty good for the market, so I wanted to try the book to see if I could understand the idea of trading the trend conjunto.El book seems a data dump of all ideas and possible strategies to trade the trend. That is a bit more in my opinion. Too much information for a book focused on teaching people methods. I think that the books of people like Bill O’Neil and Steve Nison is a little simpler and easier to understand when learning a new strategy comercial.Creo that this is a good introductory book for someone wanting to learn a little about market psychology and a unique business strategy. Dr. Carr has a lot of relevant ideas, and explains some of the complexities of the market too. However, I do not know if I will try to trade trend or no.Espero that this made sense. BTTT said they wanted to send a manual free trade if I left a review so this is it. . . Rating: 3 / 5

  2. steve s says:

    This book is on the top shelf of my investment guides. By showing how to minimize the knee jerk reactions, I was able to match the monthly salary in two weeks! Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Jes says:

    very basic information and not as powerful, maybe you can check your site before. You can see its benefits, a percentage too small for the system later comercial.Llego tendency to know, so you still have time to check before buying this libro.Piense other vez.Mi recommend: Pass. Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Weilian Ge says:

    This is the most practical and useful book that I came cross this field. . . . easy to understand and follow. The author has provided detailed methods of selection that is rarely talked about in the books of value-laden theories. Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I am almost finished reading this book. It’s fantastic! Dr. Carr writes like he is their neighbor and friend who is sharing the wisdom with you in hopes that you will be able to benefit from their experience. The order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Le recomiendo.Calificación: 5 / 5


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