Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Trend Trading Tips for Swing Trading and Day Traders

Trend trading using higher highs and higher lows can be devastating to your account. Here’s a more accurate way to trend trade whether you are a day trader or you are swing trading.


21 Responses to “Trend Trading Tips for Swing Trading and Day Traders”
  1. jcfbell3001 says:

    “all this highs and lows and indicators stuff is completely uselss if you don’t understand the context in which a trend occurs.” -good point

    “you can have a large drawdown damn quick in day trading, whereas swing trading is? far more patient, calmer, lower rates of leverage and easier” -If you find letting trades run overnight ‘calmer’…I don’t…

  2. luckyload3r says:


    absorb huge drawdowns? you are clueless.
    you can have a large drawdown damn quick in day trading, whereas swing trading is far more patient, calmer, lower rates of leverage and easier.
    seriously, take the chart out, and let us see the trend with out EYES.
    all this highs and lows and indicators stuff is completely uselss if you don’t understand the context in which a trend occurs.
    the teeny teeny tiny section of that chart yo have picked, is slightly downtrending but very choppy

  3. TickleMehNancy says:

    I never use indicators they are very unreliable in real time trading.

  4. GAFNN says:

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  5. drslinky3219 says:

    Hindsight is 20/20 – and as Dr Elder says – “your broker won’t let you trade in the middle of the chart”

  6. AshrafTheVoyager says:

    Those indicators are lagging. That is a problem you have to consider

  7. tuchitochituchi says:


    it’s like cooking i guess, they wanna add a bit of flavour…to their screens lol

  8. jcfbell3001 says:

    sure long term makes sense if you can absorb huge drawdowns before it moves your way

  9. workplayrun says:

    its called relative highs and relative lows, your just looking at things on a very short time scale

  10. leerees says:

    With a simple stock screener and your most basic indicators and volume, anyone can swing trade, why do you Forex boys make it so complicated, so many trades for what, a few pips here and there day trading, a waste of time if you ask me, even on massively leveraged accounts.

  11. Lafraim says:

    Only stupid people can believe in it.

  12. Lafraim says:

    From where we have increased the profit from each share when the price rises by 1%
    The system is not working correctly.

  13. luckyload3r says:

    lol. you make it too complicated
    uptrend or downtrend
    buy dips and sell rallies
    you purposefully have :
    a) taken a lower timeframe, mostly filled with noise and not much trend at all
    b) a small, small section of the chart so we cant ACTUALLY see the trend.

    in other words ‘look how hard this is , its just so hard, but IF you use my methods….’

    if you made that a n H4 chart. with more than 50 bars, it would make more sense….

  14. LifeForYoga says:

    I am successfuly using Barrys methodology in day trading. Barry provides in my opinion the most logical and objective explanation of low risk ,high probability trading.Good method is the one that makes money,and this one does for me.

  15. ji3200 says:

    @rsalc107 are you doing swing trade or day trading???? how is Top Dog trading work??? thanks

  16. rsalc107 says:

    Good presentation.
    I recently bought Top Dog Trading Foundation Course 1 and 2. Dr Burns is the best! His teaching style is great and he summarizes the best point of technical analysis and psychology in an easy to understand format.
    I am beginning to see trade setups after studying his course. I am really glad I purchased it!

  17. afqawq says:

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  18. swamper45 says:

    Very nice presentation. Thanks

  19. piyushppppp says:


    After crossover of 2 moving avg, look for pullback and then enter trade with use of osclillator.

  20. ZaphodUk1 says:

    hi, any advice for a two moving average crossover strategy?


  21. Joo Leng says:

    Personally, I find that it is not meaning to trend trade using 5min charts.
    It is simply too noisy.
    Higher time frame may be more suitable for trend trading.

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