Monday, April 11th, 2016

Turtle Trading & Trading Like A Robot

This turtle trading clip was taken from the Triple Your Trading Profits workshop: Over 20 years ago a famous trader Richard Dennis…Well known for his trading successes like trading $2000 to $200 million personally taught his trading strategies and systems to 14 people called “Turtles” and then gave them his money to trade. As a group the Turtles traders earned over $175 million in just 5 years. Richard Dennis had proved beginners can learn successful trading. There’s many lessons to be learnt from this experiment one of the most important being you need to trade like a robot… for more turtle trading insights visit:


10 Responses to “Turtle Trading & Trading Like A Robot”
  1. validbiz says:

    This is very True…its impossible to win in trading without discipline

  2. wizard4derivatives says:

    YouTube Search ” Predict the stock market’s next day move ” … beware you may not believe this !!

  3. GAFNN says:

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  4. mikael1991 says:

    He´s so right. If you want to succeed you have to follow your strategy

  5. ashlavnee says:

    if you want to be succesful in trading please understand every word in this video. Discipline is the most important key for succesfull trading…unlesss you master that there is no success.

  6. 008maguire says:

    maybe he is selling stuff but he’s telling the truth here

  7. trixera99 says:

    waste of time ! ! ! useless video ,

  8. jayangli says:


  9. parv100 says:

    Nothing actually revealed about the Turtles Trading methodology. No educational material. Just a salesman wearing a tie; trying to sell stuff.

  10. TheJimfredrickson says:

    This looks interesting: originalturtletrader [dot] com

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