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Types of Option Strategies

option strategy? n is the buying and / or sell one or more seats option? ny possibly a position? n core. Options strategies can favor the movements in the underlying bullish, bearish or neutral. The positions extraordinary choice can be used over and / or position? N short calls and / or placed in several strikes. Let’s take a look at the different types of option strategies? N est? Na our disposal? N. A p? Arctic is one of the m business strategies? S popular. This strategy of expansion? N involves buying a put and a call instead of one or the other. When you buy a call put options to cover their risk, which is called a p? Arctic in length, whereas if you sell a call option sale is called a short straddle. A joint is therefore the purchase or sale simult? Line of a combination? N y. options The aim of the strategy will extend to cover their risk in a market. A long straddle is established for both a purchase and sale of the same security on the same exercise price and the same maturity. The short straddle strategy options is the opposite of the long straddle. Lets take, instead of being short, the value of time when approaching expiration date. If options are exercised continuation, use, keep the amount of the premium. Vertical Spread is an option strategies? Nm? S easy on the buying and selling options with exercise prices and the same expiration date. In other words, you buy a put and a call on the same exercise price that est? about the money. It is buying and writing options other options with different exercise prices but with the same expiration date. Another example of option strategies? Nm? S just the propagation? No bull that means being a long time m an expiration date? S short and a due date m? S distant. Tambi? N can buy an option? N with an exercise price m? S low and sell an extraordinary choice with a price m? S high for both options have the same expiration date. A propagation? N increases upward in value as stock price increases. A bullish divergence with respect to a propagation? N bass in the value increases with increasing stock price. The propagation? N bass increases in value as the fall of the prices burs? Tiles. In general, the editing? No options help buying long positions option? N. Another option strategies? N is the extension? No calendar in which buy options with the same strike price but different expiration dates. This strategy also? N is known as an extension? No time. An extension? N of time, or propagation? N the calendar, involves buying and writing options with different expiration dates. An extension? No horizontal propagation is a time? N with the same strike price. A diagonal divergence has different strike prices and different expiration dates. The prop? Site of propagation? No calendar is to exploit the fact that the time value of an extraordinary choice disintegrate at a rate m? Sr? Ask as m? S approaching expiration date. For example, you? To write a sale or that has an expiration date in the short term. A continuation? N, while going to buy a put or call with an expiration date that est? m? s away.

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