Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Umoo: Make REAL MONEY with Stock Trading Games

Think about this for a second… Stocks are intimidating. You don’t want to just jump in buying and selling right away! And who the hell wants to invest into these crap ass mutual funds the banks put into our faces? OK, maybe they’re safe bets, but if you’re looking for a safe bet then you aren’t going to come out of it with much extra cash very quickly. Economic troubles? You know what that means to you and I? BUYERS MARKET BABY! THE RICH JUST GOT POOR AND THE POOR WILL GET RICH! You heard it… buy your hearts out folks! This is exactly what needs to happen, the more the citizens invest into markets and do it with intelligence, the better off and quicker the economy will re-stabilize itself. (This is merely one factor that can help, but it is a stepping stone) Umoo, provides you an opportunity to play with the stocks and get used to the way they operate and are traded. You also can build a prospective “usual” portfolio. So go ahead! HAVE SOME FUN!

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4 Responses to “Umoo: Make REAL MONEY with Stock Trading Games”
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  2. CareerFriendShare says:

    umoo is best! than other web Stock Market tournament cash.
    zoodak are second best.

  3. ValiantArrow says:

    VSEdotMARKETWATCHdotCOM is a much better platform.

    UMOO is slow and you end up losing money from all the delays…

  4. shohamgi says:

    cool site!

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