Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Upate of The Energy And Metal Maket Inforamtion

I like it? To send this message to any of you they are up n win the futures trading markets, especially energy worrying about? As and metals. New week starts. Habr? New sure? as that can help us learn the salient points that our experts – Pitguru Daniel Cronin – has analyzed! Let’s spread our message in two parts. First, let’s have a brief talk about the energy market? A. Last week, energy markets? Ticos saw a dead cat bounce as prices plunged to the aid of $ 105. s? him to climb back to $ 5 to close the week in June at 110 d? dollars 50. 45. Pitguru Daniel Cronin said “I think it was a great opportunity to sell into the rally in prices probably move? Back toward the $ 105 mark and supplies in Cushing are all too real for the market to try to ignore m? s. ” In the details, gasoline has hit? $ 4. 00 level when visitors enter p mail and complain about the high price. This attempt to relieve the pain as consumers can not afford to pay $ 4. 00 gasoline. Last week, WTI differentials have spoken very well. Our expert believes that to try to go down as part of atr? S of the curve is too strong, with m? S of 350 Z11/Z12. As predicted, this has to come back to settle 250 and you can see this happening this week. Mant? Databases and attentive to any news from the Middle East! You may notice that when the stress? Ny fighting ease this premium is likely to disappear and the oil drop? dr? acoustic. ? Qu? about the metals markets? Let’s go to the next part to see what they are up n happening around the gold and other precious markets. Traders on the floor may be happy to review that precious room? To another great week as both gold and silver followed? making new m? ximos in gold now the mark of 1,480 d? dollars and silver above $ 43. Be? very interesting to start the week with these metals s? it marginally down when the EUR / USD was to be beaten down (m? s strong USD) below $ 1. 4260. There is one question really remains: “? Cu? Much time these metals can sustain its current growth” At this point, Daniel hab? To share your point that it really does not look like? L and nothing will change soon to look for gold to have a great support around 1,450 d? dollars, as it makes its way to the famous $ 1,500 level! Silver errors have been talking for weeks of a direct ride to $ 50. This is pretty much par for the course in your opinion? N. ? Qu? about copper? Once m? S, is coming off a nice rally last week that prices continue south on the stock markets start to slide. We will complete the review with the words of Frank and to review significant points that I believe can guide your negotiation plan? N. “I think the base metal has strong support at $ 4. 10 and I think that is where it is headed to the side like all the steam to the head has been raised from the market and est? Exhausted at this point to the bottom” said Daniel.

About the author: You have just reviewed the exams in the metals and financial markets. I think the information? N you just shared will help? learning much about c? mo oil prices or gold prices, etc. can be changed in the pr? ximos d? ace. Once est? No trading in the futures markets or related, make? Sure you do not miss the market changes to take? Success. I’ll be back to share information? No need with you every time I learn something new. ? Good luck!

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