Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

URHN Stock Trading Chart_ 6/16/2009

Excellent volume today, but more importantly, it broke above a key resistance level from back in October of 2008… next miniature resistance is at $.18, and then the next one is not until $.24..

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5 Responses to “URHN Stock Trading Chart_ 6/16/2009”
  1. JoePisser says:

    Boy was this a horrible call! The next day saw it’s top on huge volume to then reverse………. then go to $0.01 by the end of 2009. Who gave you the insight for this stock? Jim Cramer?

  2. Rchatd31 says:

    That was great man. Is there anyway to email you so that we can exchange ideas and info? I really appreciate the tips.

  3. geotom says:

    Reply to Pertions: well done, saved me a lot of typing.

  4. Pertions says:

    Reply to endendendend1. Your comment makes you sound like you know NOTHING about stocks or the market!! All of this is VERY good info, and what you should be looking for. Oh and on your last comment, markets being down. How dumb are you? Do you buy when their up? You must be the rookie investorthat wants to buy when the stocks are going up but are not sure because your guessing, than as they continue to go up, you finally get the balls to get in, and loose your pants as it takes its pull back..

  5. endendendend1 says:

    not a good choice sir ,, i would be scared to put a penny inthis one ,, markets are down right now too.

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