Thursday, May 19th, 2016

US Stock Market Indexes Overbought Key Reversal In Play Get Short US Stock Market Indexes Overbought Key Reversal In Play Get Short Stocks before another “Stock Market Crash”. We’re Shorting Indexes and Overbought Sectors Stock Trading Free Stock Market Trading Education Chart Training. S&P futures vs fair value -8.80. Nasdaq futures vs fair value: -12.80. Stock futures are down markedly at the moment, though they have actually improved their position from overnight lows. The weakness comes in the wake of steep losses in Asia, where fears that tighter monetary policy may follow a sudden rise in inflation this past month. That threat took the Shanghai Composite down more than 5% and the Hang Seng close to 2% lower. As for action in Europe, concerns about the debt of fiscally challenged eurozone countries continues, but the continent’s major bourses have made an upward push to pare or reverse their losses. Those themes have overshadowed the dollar’s first decline in six sessions — it is currently down 0.2% against competing currencies. There are no corporate items of consequence and the preliminary Consumer Sentiment Survey for November from the University of Michigan is the only piece of economic data on today’s calendar.


11 Responses to “US Stock Market Indexes Overbought Key Reversal In Play Get Short”
  1. streeser1 says:

    @MisterE103 you didnt take the chineese pressure into account.

  2. streeser1 says:

    @StockMarketFunding would be nice some day to advance scills ,to options.. Sounds like being a market maker ! Is the thing to be …Love my TA and everything regarding this market..In it 24-7.Love your stuff..What s your take on the monthly chart..Will it get hammered ???(trading sp 500 etf)

  3. StockMarketFunding says:

    @streeser1 thanks for the compliment and comment! Mario said you are the type of people we want watching our videos, not these ignorant “know nothings” on youtube who want to have an opinion on everything but don’t understand anything about these markets. You can get away with robbing the American public forever and we always end up paying the piper in the monopoly we can the “Federal Reserve System”

  4. streeser1 says:

    You are right on Mario….Right on the f… spot….Nice call…Regards from Jan..

  5. MisterE103 says:

    Want to make even more money, go long on the sharp V bottom at 1200 (S&P), fed will launch POMO into the close and will close it green or near parity, guaranteed – thank me later!

  6. StockMarketFunding says:

    @MisterE103 Some great shorts today thanks for the comment!

  7. StockMarketFunding says:

    @rexx33 when your have a few hundred traders trading your money and your have manipulated market conditions you tend to take these things passionately. Floor traders are different the the retail breed of people you see on cnbc.

  8. rexx33 says:

    This guy may know what he is talking about; however, he is rather unpleasant. Why does have to do all this yelling to get his message across?

  9. eatfish97 says:

    Looking at buying Puts thanks

  10. MisterE103 says:

    Good analysis and I’m with you that the markets are going to roll over. You missed the Irish bond blowup taking place this week (and last), and it’s gone critical. Also there’s strong rumours that a major bank (BAC) is about to do a Lehman / BSC and fail. Just be cautious shorting the open, fed will be running POMO today which will reverse the selloff into the close.


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