Monday, September 19th, 2016

Using Gold to Monitor Market’s Reaction to QE2 – Eldora Gold Resources News

Eldorado Gold Resources M? Xico Noticias-A Art? Ass in the Wall Street Journal today in flexibilizaci? N quantitative (QE) insin? The Fed to take a middle of the road approach t? Terms of size and duration ? n the Queen Elizabeth 2. As expected, the reaction? N burs market? Tiles and raw materials’ is negative. A mid-way approach seems counter-intuitive QE own an? Lysis hist? Rich Fed why? the flexibilizaci? No quantitative was not effective in Japan? n. MCP In July 2010 Review of Seven, James Bullard, of faces of “The Danger”, our reading between the interpretation? Nl? Lines including QE assume Bullard: For the flexibilizaci? N sufficiently quantitative to increase expectations inflationary future, use, market participants must believe that the Fed will do “whatever it takes for as long as it takes” to achieve the objective of inflationary? n sufficiently positive. This means that the Fed must be willing to leave the expansion? N the balance in place for as long as is necessary to create higher inflationary expectations? No future market participants (consumers, investors, companies, etc. ) This reminds us of the past “bazooka-like” move the pol? policy, where the pol? ticos say: “Do you think you can not create inflationary? n positive? S? you see. Eldorado Gold Resources M? Mexico News-The key to the declaration? n of the pr? Maximum week the Federal Reserve on flexibilizaci? No quantitative c? mo, the concept of “whatever it takes for as long as necessary. “We can use the gold and the d? Lar U.S. to monitor the reaction? No market to Queen Elizabeth 2 and the stock market. The U.S. October 11 d? Lar can? To Rally the pr? ximas weeks, we QE2 hip? thesis may? to be a “buy the rumor, sell the news” in relationship? n. to risk assets since 11 October, the? index of d? happened lar 77 to 78 18 36 .. a move above 78 36 increase? to the likelihood that the d? lar U.S. with a rally against the trend of several weeks on 13 October with the .. S & P trading in 1169, we listed in 1196 as a possible target evolution? No short-term upside. The? Index S & P 500 m? maximum intraday on October 25 was 1,196, which means we have entered an area where the odds of a short to intermediate INVESTMENT? No deadline has increased (? emphasis on the odds). breadth of the stock market on October 26 was d? weak, are adding to the list concerns over the pr? ximos d? as. Eldorado Gold Resources M? Mexico News-Recently we mentioned a few yellow flags in the gold market. As? now, gold is holding up very well that a new impetus to m? ximos COULD ? to be in the cards. From a short-term bearish outlook, an interrupt? n of l? thin blue line below trend increase? to our concerns about a correction? n gold. The long term fundamentals for s still gold? solids. As gold monitor, QE and the d? lar, too? n we consider the possible impact on the “weakness of d assets? lar”, such as gold, silver, copper, petr? leo, agr products? queues, the d? Australian lar, d? lar Canadian and emerging markets v? deo:.? What? is Facilitation? No quantitative Eldorado Gold Resources M? Mexico News “In the third part of our six-part series on the flexibilizaci? No quantitative discusses the Fed’s statements, writings and publications related to the objectives and reason? n to be, The Queen Elizabeth 2?. n? analysis of some of the main comments The Fed’s flexibilizaci? n allows us to better understand quantitative perspective on the possible impact on financial markets QE Federal Reserve, the investment? No, the economy? to, the interest rates? s, asset prices and the wealth effect. flexibilizaci video today? n also quantitative? n refers to the following: Duraci? n “Printing Press” Bernanke programConsumptionInvestmentBen QE devaluationFiat d? lar speechUS / value paper money to pay systemSpendingInflationDividend (video link m? s below) disclosure? n: Author Long GLD, UDN, SLV, JJC, DBA, FXA and EEMAbout the author: Chris Ciovacco. Chris started? INVESTMENT career? n of Morgan Stanley in Atlanta in 1994. With a focus on the investment ? n global macro, Chris uses both an? fundamental analysis yt? technician to help MANAGING? No risk, while seeking opportunities for growth around the world in all asset classes.

About the author Eldorado Gold Resources of Canada? was founded by a group of experts to Recovery n minerals and miner? a, which aims to provide information? No exact state of the t? technique of equipment and customer service. Eldorado Gold has developed and offers a t? Technique of separation? No property to extract the mineral content of the waste from the miner? A.

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