Thursday, September 7th, 2017

WAMUQ Stock Trading Chart_ 9/18/2009

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4 Responses to “WAMUQ Stock Trading Chart_ 9/18/2009”
  1. OilTradingAcademy says:

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  2. shawnster44 says:

    Thanks clay

  3. JimsZ71 says:

    FDIC/JPM about to get a smackdown is what the story is…

    You can’t sieze a solvent bank with 308 billion in assets and turn around selling it for $1.9 billion. Oh, and WMI (parent of Washington Mutual banks had $4.4 billion on deposit IN CASH in the banks they are trying to take as well as all the securities, atm’s owned by parent co, buildings owned by parent co so really JPM got paid to take a bunch of assets…)

  4. makisupa488 says:

    “whatever is going on in the story is good, as evidenced by the chart here.” hahahahah true that.

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