Monday, February 9th, 2015

wanna learn commodity trading..any resources?

I’m doing in the alphabets of trade in goods b? Musicians and wanted to know if there is any source of information? N / tutorials / DISCUSSION? No trading system / portal that gets in the m? S desirable depth of business strategies and trading systems. I am not a novice for quote? Nt? Technique as SR 101, pivots, but all? The business negotiation? N has its own? Emphasis? Unique e. g. Forex has pivots. I like it? To know a little more? S about things that are important to the trader of b? Sicos.Tengo the intention? N quash a clean AMT for the choices of products b? Sicos.Gracias again . . Ciao


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  1. Kamari Lewis says:

    Hi ,

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