Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Watch live online stock trading strategies Dec 12 Part1

Live real time trading video from my screen. Learn from my winners and my losers with commentary. Direct access and Level 2 is better than using a broker I think. I use software filters and setups on the chart to determine what trades I enter. Use this video as a virtual coach for your day trading goals. It’s not easy, but this demo shows you that it can be done day after day for small consistent profits. No secrets, just years of wisdom to share with you all.

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7 Responses to “Watch live online stock trading strategies Dec 12 Part1”
  1. TradingWithAnEDGE says:

    Patterns are made… and this is because the smart money continues to do the same thing. Something most traders will never figure out!
    see my VIDEO

  2. jojomcbean says:

    this is absolutely ridiculous. it has been mathematically proven that your expected value for quick trades like this are just the average stock increase. However, since you buy and sell so quickly I expect that your profits follow the Dow Jones pretty closely. Do you have a graph of your profit vs time? Cheers

  3. novoare says:

    You sound very stresssed. You should read trading in the zone.

  4. javasdwer says:

    good job.i am beginning to invest.
    May i know where i can get a stock screener lie yours?

  5. mariostomas says:

    Excellent .Keep on going the good work.

  6. Peginvesting says:

    I give you a lot of credit for showing how your daytrading sessions go. Not many show their results especially on a down day. It’s great that you own up to your mistakes and deal with them.


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