Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Watch live online stock trading strategies Dec 7 Part 2

Watch and learn from my live trading videos. I use real time alerts and filter software. I can’t trade without them. Level 2 and charts are my tools. Online Stock trading is a way for me to “make money at home” as a “home business”. I learned to daytrade from videos, coaching, and other online courses. Live trading will help you learn more than paper trading. Psychology plays a major role in successful trading.

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7 Responses to “Watch live online stock trading strategies Dec 7 Part 2”
  1. BrittPhillips says:

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  2. 97f782 says:

    thanks for posting

  3. MtnXfreeride says:

    so, what software is this? And do you have to pay per trade? (like using scotttrade at $7?)
    Very beginner questions…

  4. Tejxcg says:

    I really liked your channel and this video. If you need any help getting this video exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    thanks for sharing good stuff man

  5. JohnNetto618 says:

    Great Video. I run a chat room that does the same thing and I have a ton of respect for the fact you actually show your positions with real money. Keep up the great work…

  6. sgomez858 says:

    5 minute. sometimes 2 minute for certain setups. I use alert software for scans. Not a big fan of fast moving stocks as they can cut both ways. You have to bid and not chase fast moving stocks. If you lose the spread, it can hurt if you are wrong. Moving averages are 10 20 and 50 on 5 minute bar charts.

  7. antoni2670 says:

    Hi, really enjoy your video! i have some questions that hopefully you can answer:
    - beside 5 min intraday chart, do you use other intraday charts?
    - what are the 3 moving averages you use on your 5 min chart?
    - what scan do you use to find those stocks?
    - i notice that you only trade stocks that move slowly rather than fast like aapl or rimm. do you use your method in fast moving stocks?

    thank you and keep the video coming.

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