Saturday, July 30th, 2016

What are good websites to begin stock trading with? ?

Bought a stock I’ve never But Would like to begin. What are good websites for beginners? Ive Heard firstrade. com is a good one, does anyone Have Any suggestions? Any Thank you for input.


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  1. SilverTonguedDevil says:

    I assume you mean buy and keep awhile stock, not day-trading. For day-trading, you need special software, lots of free time all day, and (for more than half of all day-traders) lots of money to lose.

    For tips, the Websites and newsletters are mostly rubbish, especially Jim Cramer at Some get caught plugging a stock they just bought in order to make the price go up. Others don’t get caught. For best general advice, read what Warren Buffet reads for advice: “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. A quote from that: “Cramer’s favorite stocks did not go “higher consistently in good days and bad.” [as claimed by Cramer] By year-end 2002, one of the 10 had already gone bankrupt, and a $10,000 investment spread equally across Cramer’s picks would have lost 94%, leaving you with a grand total of $597.44.” Cramer made a name for himself by running a hedge fund. That’s nothing related to what you plan to do, so forget most of these Ex-Spurts. Buy the stock of good companies with good management that do something or sell something that you understand, and hold onto the stock. Buffet once said he admires Microsoft but he doesn’t own the stock, because he doesn’t understand high tech. He owns Coca Cola because he understands that product and he thinks they are well-managed. Those thoughts were in my mind years ago when I invested in Brazilian mining, China banks, and bought Google and Apple.

    Some sites give general views that you can trust, such as Morningstar and MarketWatch. When a site says a company reported an earnings rise, you can believe it. When they say the value of the stock will rise next year, that’s just a guess.

    For a brokerage site, I like Scottrade because it has $7.00 limit orders. I only use limit orders because it allows me to set the price and forget about it. Example: If you want to buy Coca Cola when it gets down to $50.00, you place a limit order and forget about it. When the price gets down to $50, your order will execute and you’ve got yourself some Coca Cola stock. If you check every 30 minutes for the price changes of Coca Cola, you might see this chance to buy or you might miss it. With a limit order, you won’t miss out.

    I also like T.Rowe Price, because they have mutual funds that perform well and they offer periodic purchase plan for the advantage of unit cost averaging (second link below) with no painful fees.

    Other sites may have lower market order commissions, but I don’t place market orders, so it doesn’t help me. Market orders are for impatient people who need to move their funds as quickly as possible to another product.

    Anytime you read about something and you don’t understand the lingo (the business world is chock full of crazy lingo), go to

  2. Maxwell M says:

    The best online stock trading in my opinion is zecco. I made money using this site. You just have to know what stocks to invest in

  3. Ruhi Khana says:

    As you are new to Stock Market. I would sugggest you to first undersatnd the baisc of stock market nad Demat account and then do any trading. You can also Vist We will hlep you to open a demat account with low brokerage and will also help you to do stcok trading with our stock market tips based on technical analysis.


  4. Manoja Walisinghe says:

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  5. Simon Simon says:

    If you start with stock trading its important to always look at live streaming data from the stock market.
    A good site for that is

    You can get live-streamin information on world stock markets. You can customize your desired view – by region, country or specific indice using the navigator below. For each chosen region/country/index, you can view its leading stocks as well as its top gainers and losers. To view more stocks of the selected country or index – click on the more stocks link.

    Good luck with it

  6. Common Sense says:

    Firstrade would be at the bottom of my list (not absolute bottom) but on the level with Zecco & Sharebuilder.


    Before you pick a broker…. you should know what you need. You will only know what you need by learning. Pick up several starting books on investing/trading. Look into the “Dummy” series. They’ve got some good ones.

  7. Woof says:

    Picking a “website” (i.e., a brokerage) is not the major issue. Educating yourself first is the essential issue.

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