Friday, January 30th, 2015

What are the best sources for information or education on trading options or futures.?

Me realize that there is enough difference in futures and options, but I wonder if there is any party who gives good advice on trading strategies on any of them. Has anyone found a good source or a mentor who could help in any of them. Thanks for the help.

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  1. MS SPRING says:
    you’ll find out everything you need

  2. lesa says:

    if you can go to a public library they have a few books on different careers. Just ask the library person to help you look up in the reference area on a book of careers. I know that at my library I personally have looked at it . I was curious as to how many fields there were to choose from in working on computers ,and that book has given me different angles to look at.

  3. seeking answers says:

    For options, check out the Options Institute and other sites under “Learning Center” at the CBOE:

    Be certain to download, read and understand “Taxes and Investing” from the CBOE website:

    Here are some links for futures:

    See “free trading course” at this site:

    Be certain to read Jim Rogers’ “Hot Commodities:”

    If you don’t have an account yet, you might want to check out Interactive Brokers (you won’t beat their prices and trading platform, especially for options; the site also offers education links):

    Site tutorial:

    Start very cautiously unless you have a financial suicide wish! You have so much to learn and you want to minimize the cost of your coming education.

  4. Jakes says:

    Hi there just send me a mail to, with “trading options”, in the subject line, and i’ll send you some info regarding this matter.

    I think it might help you in your decision.

    Will reply asap.

  5. klmn says:

    the advice about books is good but I will give you a suggestion even better : if you want to make money trading futures, you MUST learn to backtest investing strategies. Often strategies taught in books are not good, sometimes they can even make you lose money, therefore you need to computer test them before you begin to invest your money.
    I have a Yahoo group ( a forum ) about a particular way to trade futures. We do not sell anything and our strategy is explained in detail and completely for free in the links’ section :

  6. Subodh k says:


    They have a good option strategy analyzer and a screener


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