Monday, April 11th, 2016

what are the best websites i can use for stock trading?

I am looking for free websites charge or minimum charge per transaction. Thank u in advance, and I am looking to hear from u soon.


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  2. jebediabartlett says:

    Well…everybody has to charge …they are in a business…
    Some of the most reasonable are E*trade, T.D.Ameritrade and Scottrade….I think they are all ” around” 10 bucks a trade.
    Open an account with one…and just start slow…don’t trade too frequently…and your commissions won’t really affect your progress.
    Just don’t hop in and think you can ” day-trade” to big bucks…it doesn’t work that way… day-trading is a completely different aspect in trading…( you need a bankroll…or else end up borrowing..ALWAYS bad news !! )
    …but if you just get into the market and make some good selections that go up maybe 8 or 10 % in a month or six weeks…you will progress nicely. It’s a marathon…not a sprint.
    P.S. Should have mentioned : I’ve been hearing that Scottrade has great resources/tools for even the smallest investors…personally, I’m more ” long-term” with Fidelity..but trades there are about $15. for small accounts ( under 25 thou I think.)

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