Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

What are the market hours for stock options trading?

The regular hours are 9:30 securities until 4, but there are before and hours? S there anything like that for options trading?


3 Responses to “What are the market hours for stock options trading?”
  1. brad says:

    No pre-market or after-hours for options. Plus, you will notice that options don’t trade right when the market opens, they are delayed a bit.

    Plus, you can’t sell short after hours, but you can buy to cover.

  2. Rick Neely says:

    You may try looking at the London and Tokyo exchanges. The are operated during United States off hours.

  3. Party says:

    hiya there

    I trade at gnutrade trading platofrm and there the market trading hours are 15 hour trading day, from 7am – 10pm GMT Monday to Friday. Individual markets have different trading hour

    you can check out the trading hours at the below link

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