Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

What are the pros and cons of online stock trading?

The document I’m doing it for me gave place to go, but does not work anymore, so does anyone have any opinions on the pros and cons of online stock trading?

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2 Responses to “What are the pros and cons of online stock trading?”
  1. Steve B says:

    If you are in the ‘developed’ world (UK, Europe, USA) then there is no other way to effectively deal stocks ..

    Paper Share Certificates no longer exist and (your Teacher should know this) ALL trading is done ‘on-line’ ..

    Some ‘traditional’ traders still like to ring up their ‘broker’, however, unless you are blind (and thus unable to use a PC) or a millionaire (and don’t have the time) it’s totally pointless, since all your ‘broker’ is going to do is log on and perform the exact same trade you could have done yourself (expect he will charge you a higher rate of commission than you get by doing your own typing) …

  2. Oracle Apps says:

    There are no disadvantages.

    You get better access to your account, lower trade costs, downloadable trading history, and access to reputable research from S&P and Reuters.

    You even get a checking account and credit card to transfer funds.

    I like Scottrade more than Charles Schwab.

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