Monday, May 23rd, 2016

What are the rules on day trading in a futures account?

? Cu? They are the rules on trade d? To in a futures account? I understand I have to have a m? Minimum of 25,000 d? Dollars in my account if I am one day? A pattern trader? N in a securities account. ? The same rule applies to a futures account?


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  1. dnldslk says:

    Absolutely not. Some brokerages have minimums as little as 500 to trade an S&P emini.
    Check out the websites at Advanced Futures or Velocity futures. Their miniumums are low.
    I am making no recommendations, however, just answering your question.
    There is definitely NO huge pattern type day trader rule in the futures industry.
    And the reason is, you don’t own a contract, so you don’t own anything unless you take delivery. You are simply putting up good-faith money. (But since you are “buying” or “selling” on margin, you WILL have to put up more money if your position goes against you and you want to keep holding it.)

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