Saturday, January 14th, 2017

What company is the best for online stock trading?

Not in search of better days they just trade around the website.


7 Responses to “What company is the best for online stock trading?”
  1. randomobject2003 says:

    I like Best for options, good for stocks too. Good charting features. I also used Ameritrade (or TDAmeritrade) for a long time, and had no problems with them.

  2. MorganStanley M&A says:,


  3. daveguy48 says:

    Well each company will offer you different benefits and plans for your money.
    There are some that offer unlimited trade for a set price per month, as well as some that charge a flat fee per transaction.
    It is also important to make sure the company you want to trade with has a good way of managing your stocks. Perferably with real-time tracking.

    There is a blog I found that has some information on different trading options its at



  4. Ronin says:

    I use which was rated #1 by consumer reports.

  5. Scottrade says:

    I would recommend Scottrade. Grant it, I am a little bias, but Scottrade’s reputation and service speaks for itself, and you can open an account with as little as a $500 deposit. (It looks like others answering here are recommending Scottrade too!)

    Also, Scottrade does not charge for inactive accounts or for account maintenance, and there are no minimum number of transactions (trades) required. Scottrade has a flat rate ($7) for most online market and limit equity orders, regardless of your trade frequency, account balance, or the number of shares in a transaction.

    You can compare the commissions/fees of several brokerage firms at: .

    I hope you find this information useful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I’d be happy to help.


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