Friday, June 10th, 2016

What do you think is a better business idea?

As? that. . . that some kind of resolution? n my year you again – I’m torn between two possible ideas that i plan for development – work than my d? a. That is: No Idea? 1: A website that collects s? The $ 1 commission? N for operations in complex financial instruments: As CFDs, Options, Forex, Bonds, etcLos problems with this idea: At least a few hundred thousand people to start, because even with a license in Antigua and Barbuda for such a thing be? at a cost of $ 50k + and I need too? No substantial capital to cover leverage. But I have about $ 40k to start, and my composite score? N credence is not good for the hope of a pr? Banco.Idea business loan of n? 2: An Agenda for FUNDING? No professional software, which tries to predict stock prices through? S of neural networks. The same program will? to test the strategies in the historical data? rich and calculate things that it is not? n available on l? line: Like the SABR volatility or option bond prices? n.Problemas:? People really need these things? I guess the biggest? To traders are arrogant enough to believe that s? Need a letter and art? Wikipedia ass to become a successful entrepreneur? As? that. . . ? What? you think? Any advice be? helpful! A, or 10 times and happy New!


2 Responses to “What do you think is a better business idea?”
  1. J M says:

    Both arent good.

    Sounds shady. If you’re so good at stocks why not make it yourself in the market?

  2. davidvario says:

    1 one is out due to reason you mentioned.
    #2 is plausible – Maybe! Think through what you would need to do to have it be sale-able. Target your market and design and build the software for that market, test it and ensure that it performs well, then get a few millionaires to swear by it on camera, then market it and then sell it en mass.
    Your outlay in time and money will be vast. If you try to do it all yourself, by the time you have a working product the market may have changed. I think that your idea is too far removed from being sales ready to make it doable without huge cash investments. Think of something simple and easy. You don’t need to do something earth shattering- just make a good, plain jane product or service that people will enjoy or find indispensable. Do yourself a favor and pick something more manageable. Starting a business is easy, making it successful is HARD. It takes vast amounts of learning and time. Don’t practice by blowing your whole wad. Practice on an easy test project. Make some little freeware plug in and if it works, build onfeaturess and cross sell them to that customer base.
    Business ain’t rocket science; it’s just focusing on the same simple things and doing them well over and over again. Define success, automate your sales, ensure quality control, marketing never stops, build metrics to track employee productivity and reward the best, find good people to help you and repay them with loyalty. You can’t do it alone without wasting tons of time.
    Your first focus should be sales, sales, sales, sales. If you can’t make sales you can’t ever make money. Reading: “Cashflow quadrant” by Rich Dad, Poor Dad; “Ready, Fire, Aim”;”The Effective Executive” Druker;”The Art of Transformation”, Gingrich & Desmond

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