Thursday, December 28th, 2017

What do you think of major health care options on Cigna and United Health?

I WAS looking at investing in Some long hold (call) options on Cigna (CI) and United Health (UNH). During The downturn in the economy initial-between G. W. Bush and Obama-the markets Went Down and Took all the major stocks With It. I Was Saying That DURING reading something all the best That Time Health Care Insurers “made” healthy Profits Even With The recession and Did not take much of a loss. CI and UNH are not the Same as or tech commodities are an essential part But of Our Lives. By looking at the (Yahoo Finance) Comparing the interactive charts and the Dow Jones 2 with 2 years Both companies it shows above-the Dow. The 5 year comparison shows the 2008-2009 downturn and CI Dow still above-the-flesh For This Period. The very sort term trend (on the comparison) shows the 2 stocks down for long But the trend-and Much Longer upward trend shows above-the Dow. I Was Thinking About an in the money LEAP (call) option-no Strategies, condors, collars, puts or anything like that. Just a simple in-the-money or deep in the money LEAP Either IQ or hold on UNH. I have a virtual trading account on the CBOE Virtual Trade website and Have HAD CI in my account since the first week of April, 2011. 4 call options. 3 of Them are for July 2011 and 1 for i belive) Jan. 2013. The funny thing is the Jan. 2013 40 (Call) GAIN profit just as much as my one July 2011 43 (Call) option. Can Any of you tell me what you think of These 2 stocks and maybe look at the past balances and Income and the trends and tell me what you think of Them as a long term Leap (call option) hold? Do you think an in the money could produce a steady Leap Monthly Income? Thanks


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  1. cactusgene says:

    I think that with an investment in long-term call LEAPs, you have a reasonable good chance to make money. I also believe that both of these companies have good appreciation potential over 2 or 3 years, because they are in the business of making money. And no, you could not use them to produce a steady monthly income, because all you own is the RIGHT to buy this stock at a set price, no matter what its market value rises to. However, you have to sell this option to collect on its intrinsic (and time) value.

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