Monday, August 29th, 2016

What is a better stock trading method?

Constantly buying and selling hot new stocks? Or keep their weapons and riding the tides of the population? S great if its up or down? or u have your own? ? What? u do?


5 Responses to “What is a better stock trading method?”
  1. Slowpoke says:

    penny stocks

  2. Tony1234 says:

    It is best- especially in this rough market- to find a few solid companies, preferably with a dividend, that you can put your faith in. This may be a good time since P/E ratios have greatly decreased, giving you a chance to snatch up a great deal on undervalued stocks.

  3. Mr Premier says:

    i pick about 15 stocks, and track them, and watch how the trend, then buy them low and sell at 5 – 10% gains. Take american eagle for example, the stock goes down to $9 all the time, and then jumps to 9.50 – 10 within a couple days. I buy a couple hundred shares whenever it hits 9, and sell depending on how well the market is trading, and how soon i think it will be back to 9

  4. little helper says:

    Try This Forex Trading System

  5. William B says:

    In a normal market where the markets rise 10% a year on average, Buy & Hold is a good strategy. However in today’s markets, stocks routinely go up 10% in JUST 1 DAY!.

    To take advantage of these big swings, I Swing Trade (the use of technical analysis to look for stocks with short-term price momentum).

    To find stocks with short-term price momentum, I plot Trend Lines on a daily chart for proper buy and sell points. I also use a stock screener to help me scan the 12,000+ stocks for criteria that tells me a stock is ready for a quick jump.

    I rarely hold a stock longer than one week. Today’s market shifts gears so quickly you need to be able to get in and out quick if you want to profit on this historic time in the stock market.

    We may never see this kind of volatility again in our lifetimes (one day the DOW jumped 900 points, another day there was a swing of almost 1700 points). I’m jumping on this once in a lifetime opportunity and trading those swings!

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