Monday, May 23rd, 2016

What is a good online stock trading company?

I see ads especially for Scottrade, ETrade and Ameritrade, but I am sure that the company should use. I’m not trying to trade a lot, m? Or less just getting into it. ? Any suggestions?


4 Responses to “What is a good online stock trading company?”
  1. $so fresh so clean$ says:

    Those are good ones, E Trade and Scottrade.

  2. walt17jr says:

    I use, and like, Scottrade but I think you would be satisfied with either of those.

    Scottrade has the lowest trading fees of the three. There is no account maintenance fees or inactivity fees. They have very good customer service. They do not provide investment advice. They do provide tools to research stocks. You can get investment advice from TDAmeritrade and Etrade, but I suspect it will cost more than if you do your own decision making.

    Etrade and TDAmeritrade offer new client specials sometimes. You can check out their web sites to see what they are currently offering.

    There are cheaper brokers around. But if you follow this board you will notice people who use them asking for help. That suggests poor customer service. You won’t have that problem with the three you mentioned.

  3. Uncle Mike says:

    Any of those would be a good choice, but before you dabble educate yourself in stocks and stock trading.

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