Saturday, June 27th, 2015

What is a good option trading recommendations website?

I’m looking for some good option trading strategies, trying to earn some money in the stock market with options.

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  1. says:


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  2. GODGIFT says:

    just ask and visit at, or write to
    but option trading is very dangerous then trading in indian capital market., be CAREFUL

  3. Jack M says:

    Make sure you know what you’re doing… this stuff is very risky and still very experimental… but options are a fantastic hedging tool if you use them correctly.

    I’m assuming you’re very familiar with options… otherwise you wouldn’t be asking this. If you can’t look at an options spread and know exactly what everything is right away, you’re not ready yet.

    The only strategy with options I currently use is only for the purpose of hedging. I’ll go long or short on a stock (equity), and then go the opposite direction with the option. So if I buy 500 shares of IBM at $50… I’ll buy 500 puts on the stock. If the stock goes up, awesome… if the stock goes down, I can then sell the stock at the strike price and recover my losses. I’m sure you know how that works, so I won’t explain it.

    The other way of using (covered) options that I find useful goes like this… I buy 1000 shares of google for $300 a share, which I’m sure will rise a few percent in the near future.. I’ll sell 10 call options (pocketing the premiums that the call buyers paid) with a strike price of $310. If it doesn’t hit the strike price, I made free money with the premiums… if it does hit the strike price… I’m still on top because at least I made $10 a share and rode the wave for a little bit. If the price hits $312 and the buyer exercises the call, I’ll lose the shares. If I look at the stock again and still think it’s going to go up… I can do the same process. Eventually, the stock will stop climbing, and I’ll pocket all the premiums.

    These are obviously all covered options, as in both examples I imply that I own the securities. Uncovered options are just too risky… I’ve heard way too many stories of people who struck it big, only to lose everything at once. There are just way too many powerful institutional trading programs out there that can value options a hell of a lot better than individual traders can.

  4. L Q says:

    I’ve subscribed to a few of them…the one I like best is They give out Call buying and Put buying recommendations, and so far, they’ve been very successful since I joined. They also trade other strategies like covered calls, etc.

  5. Kathaleen says:

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