Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

What is a good stock trading company online?

I want one where i Do not have to deposit a big chunk of money at once. I want to trade as I go so to speak.


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  1. buck says:

    i use SCOTTRADE and have for several years. they charge $7.00 per trade no matter how many or how few shares you trade.
    they are a very good company to work with.

    they will open an account for $500.00 or more.

    hope this helps you and have a great day.


  2. SWH says:

    Scottrade is the one for you. Excellent real time charting service, fast executions. Only problem is that your money not invested in stocks only gets about 1/2%. You may want to consider another MM and transfer money to Scott as needed.

  3. Hans says:

    i think optionsxpress.com is good.

  4. cj says:



    Navy Federal Credit Union recommended FOLIOFN and I’ve been a happy customer since Feb 2006:

    -No minimum account balance required
    -Window trade $3.95 ea or $19.99 mo for 200 window trades
    -Auto-investment window trade $1.00 ea
    -Auto-reinvestment of dividend is free
    -Trade fractional shares
    -Numerous ways to fund your account, includes ETF

    Comparison of online brokerage:

    Pricing plans:

    They have great Customer Service too – you get real people on the phone when you have concerns.

    FOLIOFN is perfect for the long-term, small investor. You won’t be disappointed.

    Best wishes,


  5. Simon L says:

    im using rbc online investing and it cost 28.95 per trade. You have many many tools that can help you choosing the best stock like technical analysis, research, stock insight, 1 year estimate target, top perfomers stocks,etc. and you dont have to deposit a big chunk of money at once. i really recommend you this online trading company. you can go check by youself

  6. Common Sense says:

    I use Scottrade. It’s one of the last places for a “newbe”.
    Goto Charles Schwab or Fidelity (I like Schwab the best of these two). They may cost a few buxks more than Scottrade, but they have software & in depth help for the investor.

    Good luck. Don’t “play” the stock market. Learn it first!

  7. Edmund says:

    Interactivebrokers.com charges a half cent per share. But a minimum of 1 dollar per trade. So if you wanted to buy 3 shares of GOOG at $483(today’s closing price) for a total of $1449 then commission would cost you $1….. If you sold those 3 shares at $500 for a total sale of $1500 commission another $1. Total gain of $51 minus $2 commission or if you use another brokerage it would cost 12 dollars more and the brokerage takes 20% of your profit…..But if you wanna trade penny stocks it would benefit you to use scottrade because of the amount shares you need to buy. But Interactivebrokers.com wont hold your hand. They do everything online and expect you to do your homework. The other Answerer qouted interest earned on their uninvested cash at a half percent….Interactivebrokers has an interest rate of 4.8%

  8. guardrailjim says:

    Listen to Edmond.
    Interactive Brokers has the lowest commission rates.
    You can set your stop price anywhere.
    Stay away from Scottrade. The commission rates will eat up your account. And there are limitations to where you can set your stop prices

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